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Quartet – Dressage Saddle – Bi-NateLine®


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Product Description

The Quartet is an exquisite dressage saddle in our industry-changing Bi-NateLine®. This saddle model is lightweight, providing an extremely close feel to the horse with our soft-ride seat and an extra narrow twist. It also features Schleese’s innovative shoulder relief cut-back panel to provide the best shoulder freedom in the industry. Our adjustable Lightweight-Split AdapTree can be adjusted on an ongoing basis to your horse and any future horse(s). The Quartet dressage saddle also features our revolutionary PSI panel system to maximize the saddle’s weight-bearing surface area throughout the length of the panel with the lowest pressure per square inch of any English saddle. The Quartet differentiates itself from our ProLight due to the extra supportive seat with added seat foam under and behind the seat bones, grippe buffalo leather and standard 3/4 angled thigh blocks which give added security to the rider’s thigh from our regular 3/4 thigh block. The saddle offers the rider complete support with a forward balance centre of gravity.

See our PSI Panel System (patent pending) information. With two seat depth options, we can accommodate the majority of riders. Our ProLight saddle has been tested by many top trainers, resulting in recurring comments such as “this is the closest and softest saddle I have ever ridden in”. Try it for yourself, you and your horse won’t be disappointed!

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Custom Options Available

View Glamour Options Chart.

Additional Information

Weight 17.0 lbs

Web Tree with deeper seat curve (steeper pommel/lower seat curve) giving a very secure feel for riders wishing this feature.


16.5″, 17.0″, 17.5″, 18.0″


Adaptable (flexing) extra narrow twist, allows the rider to give quicker and sharper aids to the horse.


The adjustable V-Webbing billet system allows for correct billet alignment and equal pull throughout the length of the tree, Variations of billet styles are available – please inquire.


Seat designed for the Female or Male Pelvic Axis.


Revolutionary PSI Panel with shoulder relief is standard (no options)


Standard Mono Flap (no double flap option)


Standard Short Angled, 3/4 Angled External (optional shown in main photo), Full External, 3/4 External, 1/2 External, Custom Shaped ($495)


The Quartet is comprised of two types of leather: Buffalo and European Soft and are specified according to the parts of the saddle.
Buffalo Components: Skirts – Flaps – 1/2 Moon of Cantle
European Soft Components: Front Facing – Flap Facing – Panel – Kneepad – Seat – Gullet Leather and Flap Loop


Black, Brown, 2-Tone Black/Chestnut, 2-Tone Black/Cognac, 2-Tone Black/Brown, 2-Tone Brown/Chestnut, 2-Tone Brown/Cognac


X-Extended Stirrup Bars, Additional D-Rings, Flap Length, Panel Wedge, Billet Set-up, Bi-NateLine Silver Swoosh Pin, Note: Buffalo Leather is only available in Black & Brown


Visit our Glamour Options Chart for a variety of stunning choices some of which include shaped back roll, colour welting and/or stitching, tooled half moon on cantle and crystal decorations for an additional cost.


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Dear Schleese, When we tried your Eagle XC saddle last year, we had no idea what a world of difference it would make!  Instantly, my mare and I were more comfortable, gaits were smoother and overall, transitions flowed much nicer.  I learned so much in the presentation and will never look at saddles the same again.  I’ve since had the tree adjusted after spending several months putting some weight on my sweet mare, Fast Forward Again, and she is again doing very well under saddle.  Every time we have met with or emailed the group from Schleese, they have been absolutely WONDERFUL! Thank you, Schleese, for making a top quality saddle that is both beautiful and adjustable to fit my horse.  Congratulations on 30 years!  

— Maggie Maddison - Little Rock, AR

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