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The 'Levitar' VCFS jumping saddle is the only saddle in the world that defies gravity and levitates on and four inches behind the horse's shoulder to provide the horse with unparalleled freedom of movement.

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Portuguese Verb [ transitive-intransitive ] /le-'βi-taɾ/

Significado: "subir e flutuar no ar sem nenhum suporte físico." 

Meaning: "to rise and float in the air without any physical support"


When we selected the name  "Levitar" for this saddle, we wanted to ensure it captured the saddle's unique ability to levitate on and 4 inches behind the horse's shoulder. Levitar - the Portuguese word for levitate is truly the perfect fit (as it will be for your horse!)

Watch the video below to learn more about the Levitar


No Saddle in the world comes close to the Levitar's innovative design & unmatched technological advancement.

The Levitar's star advantage

  • The only saddle on the market that levitates on and 4 inches behind the horse's shoulder.
  • The lowest impact after landing from a jump & faster recovery time between fences.
  • The ability to allow the horse to push off his hind legs with 100% of its power.
  • The freedom in the horse's shoulders to avoid saddle twisting in motion.
  • More stability in the saddle, while less restricting of the horse's movement. 
  • Reliability and a huge reduction in saddle slippage on the horse's back.
  • Lower heart-rate for the horse with bigger strides and faster time in jump-off.

Some of the Benefits of

the Levitar include:

Closer Contact Than Ever Before

Closer contact and feel for the rider than ever before. Allows the rider to more easily communicate with the horse by providing maximum comfort for horse and rider.

Complete Freedom for the Horse to Lift their Rib Cage

No pinching on the brachial plexus allowing the horse to fully engage the pectoralis muscle and tuck their legs beside their chest.

Fits Multiple Horses Easily

The Patented three point gullet plate and relocation of the stirrup bar allows this saddle to be fit to multiple horses.

Larger stride & lower heart rate

With no pressure on the lung meridian point and nerves, this saddle eliminates often undetected front-end lameness, leading to faster time and higher fences.

Lowest Pounds Per Square Inch on Take-Off and Landing

Optimal weight distribution and lowest pounds per square inch your horse has ever experienced under saddle.

Fits Your Special Horse 

Anytime, Anywhere

The Levitar features the VCFS system. This allows the saddle to take advantage of the long-distance virtual custom fitting system worldwide. Click here to learn how.

How Does the Levitar Achieve This?

Watch This Video To See What You Are Going to Feel

The Levitar is the only saddle on the market that levitates on and four inches behind the horse’s shoulder blade providing the horse with the ultimate freedom of movement.  Take advantage of this competitive edge and give your horse the chance to lift his legs higher and truly push off his hind legs with the Levitar jumping saddle. 

In this video, we not only see the shoulder moving upwards and backwards but the saddle also allows the shoulder to roll as nature intended it to. 

Best-in-Class Weight Distribution: 

The Center-Balanced Stirrup Bar (Pat. Pend.)

Stop riding in saddles that cause tremendous pressure on the withers and onto the shoulders during the landing phase after a jump. Traditional saddle trees, still used by many expensive saddle brands,  attach the stirrup bar to the gullet plate, causing pressure and damage to the horse’s back underneath the front of the saddle.

The Levitar saddle uses our CB Stirrup Bar to reduce the riders two-point pressure, and reallocate the weight bearing pressure from the front to the center of the saddle. This reduces the impact at the gullet plate and on the horse’s shoulders.

3 Point Gullet Plate 

U.S. Patent [11377343]

Schleese 3P Gullet Plate - Patent Pending

Thanks to the 3-Point Gullet Plate, the Levitar Jumping saddle can be adjusted in the tree width (independent of tree angle), tree angle (independent of tree width), and has the ability to have an orthopaedic adjustment to accommodate any natural crookedness in the horse's back. Regardless of the shape of your horse, this gullet plate can be fit optimally through its unique 3 adjustment points. It is unlike anything else on the market today! With this 3-P Gullet Plate, the Levitar levitates on and four inches behind the horse's shoulder. 

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Here is what's being said about the Levitar Jumping saddle...

"The design of the saddle (Levitar) stops it from sliding back on the horse, eliminating the need for a breastplate!"

The Levitar is an extremely comfortable saddle, made with top quality leather that keeps the rider's leg and seat in place. 

It has beautiful styling with eye catching accents, while maintaining a classic look that will work in the hunter/jumper and equitation ring. 

The design of the saddle stops it from sliding back on the horse, eliminating the need for a breastplate. 

The 3-P Gullet Plate makes adjusting the saddle both quick and easy. 

The Levitar is an excellent choice for any hunter/jumper or equitation rider looking for a top quality saddle with the adjustability to fit any horse. 

Nigel Potts



"My mare was able to reach forward with ease... I think she really liked the fit of the saddle!"

My mare can be really cranky when getting tacked up but with the Levitar she was very quiet. 

She was able to reach forward with ease, she felt good and I think she really liked the fit of the saddle!

She was jumping SUPER well! I’m thrilled with how she feels. 

My leg felt secure the entire time and I was able to easily balance.

The saddle sat very quiet and stayed in place my entire ride - on the flat and jumping.

The Levitar has certainly revolutionized my riding experience and I’m thrilled with the results. 

Brooke Burchianti




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Introducing The Levitar...

A Saddle that is truly out of this world.

The Levitar is the only saddle in the world that levitates on and four inches behind the horse's shoulder, providing the horse with unparalleled freedom.

Check out the official webinar video below, featuring Schleese founder & German Certified Master Saddler Jochen Schleese!

Here's What You Get when you sign up to purchase the Levitar Jumping saddle...

  • Schleese Saddle Cover (valued at $39.00)
  • Schleese Saddle Pad (valued at $49.00)
  • Limited-Edition Schleese Saddle Bag - Made Exclusively for the Levitar Saddle (valued at $79.00)
  • One complimentary Virtual Saddle Fit Evaluation (valued at $179.00) or one complimentary On-Site Saddle Fit Evaluation and fitting (valued at $314.00) at a Schleese service location.
  • The Levitar Jumping Saddle (Priceless!)

 All of this is included when you sign up to purchase The Levitar Jumping Saddle.

Why do we give this much value? Because we believe education is the key to creating everlasting change. Our goal since day 1 has been to protect both horse and rider from ill-fitting saddles and that's what we will continue to do!

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Here’s the best part! If for any reason, you try the Levitar saddle and you don't like it, you can contact us directly at [email protected] or call 1-800.225.2242 and either arrange for a complimentary long-distance re-assessment or a full refund of the saddle less a restocking fee (if it's within 30 days of your purchase date). That's how confident we are with our products and the service we provide!

If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they will help you out until you get the results you need.

So join the growing ‘herd’ (pun intended) of riders who have pushed our total YouTube guests of over 2,000,000+ and learn for yourself the difference a well-fitting saddle can make for you – and your horse! 

We welcome your thoughts and your feedback!

So what are you waiting for? 

Take the next step and elevate your riding with the new revolutionary Levitar Jumping Saddle!

If you're ready to take the next step, click the button below and be among the first to get your hands on this new revolutionary saddle.

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