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Levitar – Virtual Custom Fit System Jumping Saddle

$9,995.00 CAD

The product is shown in an optional brown colour with an optional red patent cantle 1/2 moon and stirrup leather loop.
For complete information, kindly click on the LEVITAR STAR below. Check out the Product Description, Specifications and Custom Options section.


The Levitar is our latest VCFS jumping saddle, and with its unique therapeutic panel, it is the only saddle in the world that defies gravity and levitates on and four inches behind the horse’s shoulder to provide the horse with unparalleled freedom of movement

Schleese continues to deliver the latest technological advancements in the saddle industry with years of development and testing. Scientific testing of the Levitar, using a computerized saddle pad and equine heart monitor, reveals amazing data: the lowest impact after landing from a jump and faster recovery time between fences as a result of our patent pending center-balanced stirrup bar; the ability to allow the horse to push off his hind legs with maximum power; shoulder freedom while avoiding any negative impact of a saddle twisting while in motion; lower heart-rate for the horse with bigger strides and faster times in a jump-off; and much much more…

Definition: Virtual Custom Fit System (VCFS)    

The Virtual Custom Fit System is a system where we can effectively and confidently assist you in adjusting your saddle anywhere at any time worldwide! Our system is so unique in that it includes five new exciting features, our 3P Gullet Plate U.S. Patent [11377343], CB Stirrup Bar (patent pending), IP or Hybrid panel options and TruForm Fitting Pad all that allow this to truly be a Virtual Custom Fit System. You have the option of purchasing your own VCFS Fit Kit for $495 allowing you to adjust the gullet plate of your own saddle with the virtual assistance and virtual support from one of our Certified Saddle Ergonomists (CSE). This kit includes our unique Schleese 3D Wither Tracer which will assist you in taking precise measurements of your horse, a unique Schleese Key to adjust your gullet plate, five individual templates to trace your measurements and cut-outs, and last, you will receive 2 Virtual Fitting appointments (available in English or French).

TruForm Fitting Pad

Our TruForm Fitting Pad is unique to Schleese and has been developed for our VCFS Hybrid saddles. The pad is custom fit in order to offer maximum comfort and correct fit to the horse. Most “shim pads” on the market offer only minimal flexibility when adjustments are needed to correct balance front to back and can often slip around under the saddle putting unnecessary pressure on one of the 14 reflex points causing negative behaviour making the fit of the saddle to horse even worse. Our TruForm Fitting Pad stays in place and has 16 shimming options including the saddle support area. 

Our TruForm Fitting Pad is included free of charge with all VCFS Hybrid saddles and is also available for sale to be used under the VCFS IP saddle  for $289 (without fleece) and $319 (with fleece). One set of fitting inserts come with the pad however if added or replacement inserts are needed they come in a package for $150.00.

View our TruForm fitting pad on our full descriptive Virtual Custom Fit System page.

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View Glamour Options Chart.

Weight 17.0 lbs

Adaptable (flexing) extra narrow twist, allows the rider to give quicker and sharper aids to the horse.


CB Stirrup Bar (Patent Pending)


Unique short jumper billets.


Seat designed for the Female or Male Pelvic Axis.


16.0", 16.5", 17.0", 17.5", 18.0", 18.5"


Therapeutic Panel (includes TruForm Fitting Pad)
Fitting pad options; plain white; white with fleece trim; plain black; black with fleece trim


Traditional double flap with choice of flap angle and length.
Decorative accent available: red, white, black, brown or blue patent leather stirrup leather loop and cantle 1/2 moon.


Your choice of interchangeable Velcro or Stitched-on thigh & calf blocks.


Premium European Soft Leather
Decorative accents available: red, white, black, brown or blue patent leather cantle and stirrup leather loop.
Standard cantle is the same leather and colour as the saddle.
See the 'Glamour Options' section for additional glamour options.


Black, Brown, Chestnut, Cognac, 2-toned Cognac/Chestnut


Additional D-Rings and/or Crupper


Visit our Glamour Options Chart for a variety of stunning choices some of which (but not limited to) include colour welting and/or stitching and crystal decorations for an additional cost.


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