Online Saddle Fit Evaluation Program

Online Saddle Fit Evaluation Program

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About this program

Work one on one with a Certified Equine Ergonomist to learn how well your saddle fits you and your horse and exactly what you can do about it. All from the comfort of your own home!

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Program Structure

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The Online Saddle Fit Evaluation Program is unlike any found in the equine industry. One of our Certified Equine Ergonomist will work with you online to assist you with assessing the fit of your current saddle no matter where you are in the world!

Program Overview

This introduction lesson will showcase what we'll cover throughout the Online Saddle Fit Evaluation Program, how to properly navigate through the lessons and how to get started. 

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Educational Training Videos + Bonuses

Let's start your online saddle fit evaluation journey off with some educational training videos. Understanding key components about proper saddle fit will help tremendously when deciding what is best for you and your horse! 

Mapping Out The Horse

Learn how to properly map out your horse based on their anatomy and biomechanical requirements to understand the perfect placement for your saddle that will not cause long term damage to your horse. 

Dynamic Assessment

Learn how to watch a horse and rider in motion to better understand the relationship between rider, saddle and horse, and easily identify problem areas. 

Consequences Of Ill-Fitting Saddles To The Horse : BONUS VIDEO

Learn to understand pain reactions in your horse that are often mistaken for bad behaviour but often due to improper saddle fit.

Consequences Of Ill-Fitting Saddles To The Rider : BONUS VIDEO

Learn the causes of common rider complaints and causes of pain, along with the different requirements a male and female rider each have to prevent long term damage and injury.

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Data Collection

Follow along with step by step videos as we guide you through taking measurements, photos and videos of  you, your saddle and your horse. We will later use this data to give you a full evaluation of your current saddle fit! 


You'll learn what type of data we are collecting and why. You'll also receive a checklist of items you will need to collect prior to taking any of your measurements. 

Measuring The Rider

Learn how to take measurements of yourself or another rider in this step by step video guide.

Measuring The Saddle

Learn how to take measurements of your saddle following your Online Saddle Fit Evaluation: Measurements Worksheet.

Measuring The Horse

Learn how to take measurements of your horse in this step by step video guide.

Photos Of Your Horse

Help us understand your current situation by taking a series of photos of your horse.

Videos Of Your Horse

Help us understand your current situation better by providing videos of your horse.

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2 Steps

Submit Your Data

Congratulations! This is the final step of your Online Saddle Fit Evaluation. You will submit all your measurements of yourself, saddle and horse. As well as upload all the photos and videos you have taken in the previous steps. 

Data Submission Form

Follow our easy step by step submission form to upload all of your measurements, your photos and videos of your horse!

What To Expect After You Submit Your Data

Learn what you can expect after submitting your Online Saddle Fit Evaluation Data. 

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