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Independent Schleese Western Fitter

Augment your income by working with an industry leader or make it a full-time career!

Schleese is looking for dedicated, motivated and passionate equine enthusiasts to join Schleese as Independent Saddle fitters and exclusive representatives of our quickly growing Western saddle line.

  • Are you a dedicated horse person with western riding experience and an interest in making a difference for both horse and rider?
  • Are you interested in educating your potential clients?
  • Are you interested in working with a well-established and very reputable company that consistently leads the field in innovation?

Training to be a Schleese western saddle fitter is the first step in starting a lucrative career and playing a huge role in helping many horses and riders with their performance and well-being. This training is suited for all equine professionals and interested equestrians who have a desire to help horses and riders address issues and solve problems while building new long-lasting relationships in the equestrian industry.

Training Options

Option A

Your training will include a series of practical workshops in the barn and classroom seminars.  We have specifically geared the training towards being able to perform a comprehensive saddle fit assessment and fitting our Schleese western saddle line. The training will allow you to become an expert representative of the Schleese Western Saddle.

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Cost: $999 (with an opportunity to earn back this fee and more in just the first few sales with bonus discounts).
  • Group size:  maximum 6 participants.
  • Includes lunch and refreshments.


  • Includes both theoretical classroom instruction and in-barn hands-on demos and practice
  • Brief intro to historical and technological aspects
  • Anatomy of horse and rider, saddle support area, ‘reflex’ points resulting in negative reactions
  • Static western saddle fit to the horse and demo of dynamic western saddle fit evaluation
  • Basic equine ergonomics, measuring the horse, rider, and saddle
  • Assessing saddle fit to horse and rider
  • Assessing static and dynamic fit
  • Demonstration and hands-on instruction of Schleese western saddle features and fitting
  • Includes workbook

Option B:

Train to become an S4L CEE (Certified Equine Ergonomist) with the additional qualifications of Schleese Western Saddle Fitter. This course allows you to assess saddle fit through the S4L CEE course and also complete your Schleese Western Saddle fit training at the same time*.

  • For details on the CEE course visit Saddlefit 4 courses in North America.
  • Duration: 8 days (7-day S4L course + 1-day Schleese Western Saddle training*)
  • Cost: $3094 (Discounted early bird $2694 – up to 60 days prior to the course start date) with an opportunity to quickly earn back a large portion of this fee.
  • Class size: minimum 8, maximum 10 participants
  • Includes lunch and refreshments.

 *If Western training is scheduled in conjunction with this course.


  • For those interested in pursuing a career as a Certified Equine Ergonomist with Schleese Western saddle fitting training
  • Includes both theoretical classroom instruction and in-barn hands-on demos and practice
  • Philosophy of Saddlefit 4 life, a brief intro to historical and technological aspects
  • Anatomy of horse and rider, saddle support area, ‘reflex’ points resulting in negative reactions
  • Static saddle fit to the horse and demo of dynamic saddle fit evaluation
  • Theoretical classroom instruction
  • Practical in barn demonstrations
  • Equine ergonomics, measuring the horse, rider, and saddle
  • How to obtain a detailed horse description
  • Assessing saddle fit to horse and rider (how a saddle affects the rider’s position and how the rider then affects the horse) tree angle and width
  • Assessing saddle condition, considering the various disciplines and saddle manufacturers
  • Formulating viable solutions and testing.
  • Curriculum workbook
  • Students completing this course successfully will be able to purchase the measurement tools to do the externship required to become a Certified Equine Ergonomist ($280)
  • If you have already taken the CEE course you can add the Western training at no charge.


You will receive a very competitive discount on your western saddle orders plus Schleese will supply you with 1 demo saddle and cover the shipping costs of this initial saddle to you. This saddle will be owned by Schleese but you will have use of it as a sales tool.

For more information, please click and fill out the application form.

2018 Ontario Course dates:     

July 20-22 – Western training only (option A)

September 12-19 – Saddlefit 4 Life Certified Equine Ergonomist (CEE) course with Western saddle fit training to follow (option B).

* CEE course runs for 7 days (Sept 12-18). Participants from this course will have the opportunity to stay an additional day and complete the additional Schleese Western Saddle training at no charge (Sept 19).

September 17-19 – Western training only (option A)

2019 Course dates:   

February – 1-7 CEE Course
February – 6-8 (Western Portion)

Please visit the Saddlefit 4 Life® website to REGISTER for the CEE Course #1 (2-days) and CEE Course #2-#3 (5-days).
* Only select CEE courses to run in conjunction with Western training.


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I just wanted to share with you my satisfaction with your product. In June of 2010, I had a heart attack. As I lay in the hospital, I reflected on my life. I decided that I wanted to fulfill my bucket list. I wanted to go camping with my horses and ride the trails. I also wanted the best, most comfortable saddle for my horse and myself. I had tried a number of different saddles Stubben, Barclay) over the years, but nothing fit my mutton withered, table backed, horse. He was cinchy and never seemed to be content. I tried a number of saddle fitters and saddles, and I thought I had done the best for my horse, but I had an underlying feeling that the saddle did not fit him. While I was recovering from my heart attack at home, I searched the internet and came upon your site. I found the Schleese videos very informative. I reviewed the videos for a number of days and continued to search the web. The Schleese saddle made sense (the wide channel, cut back bars) and I loved the idea that the saddle could be adjusted with help from a trained saddle fitter. I contacted your company and weeks after my heart attack, a saddle fitter came to my farm. She was very considerate and in July of 2010, I bought a second hand Schleese Liberty saddle. In September of 2011, my husband and I, along with a group of older riders, went camping with our horses for a week in Algonquin Park. I am happy to report that I my horse and I were very comfortable during our longest ride (6 hours) in the Schleese Liberty dressage saddle.  

— Paula Slater - Owen Sound, Ontario

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