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Saddles Reported as Stolen (and/or Recovered)

Tracking started September 1, 2015 (if you wish to report a stolen saddle, please call 800-225-2242 x 46)

Type Colour Size New
Serial #
12/01/15 Triumph Dressage Black 17.0 Used 60129S0311
09/02/15 HK Dressage Black 17.5 New 15804S0615
09/02/15 Jeté Jumping Cognac/
17.0 Used 13939S0514
09/02/15 Link II Dressage Black 17.5 Used 15412S0115
09/02/15 Obrigado Dressage Black 17.5 New 15679S0415
09/02/15 Obrigado Dressage Black 18.0 New 15219S1014
09/02/15 Wave Dressage Black 17.0 Used 8600S1108
09/02/15 Wave Dressage Black 18.0 New 13103S0413
01/04/16 Semi-Custom Schleese Dressage Black 18.0 Used 1525H0598
01/29/16 Robert Dover Dressage Black 18.0 Used 1634H230898
03/06/18 Triumph Dressage Black 17.0 Used 8368S0808

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You fitted my saddle the end of January. It was a new Obrigado and I was not sure I liked it yet, and you told me to ride in it awhile and see what happened. Well, I just wanted you to know that as of today I officially am in love with this saddle. I have been liking it a lot, but today it all really clicked. (Lucio was in love a long time ago, actually.) It is really comfortable, and also puts me in a very good position and allows me to be really close to my horse. Lucio's shoulders are so much freer and his back so much happier that he is much easier to ride. Things got better a year ago when I switched to a Schleese. This saddle is really working and I am so happy. Also, my younger daughter Hannah rode Lucio in it yesterday and she had not ridden in a good while, and she loved it too. She said it was the most comfortable saddle she had ridden in. She had such bad pains from her previous saddle that she would be in tears and got a lot of UTIs from riding. It is part of the reason she stopped riding. She said she would like to start riding again.

— Jane-Marie (and Lucio) - NY

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