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Saddles Reported as Stolen (and/or Recovered)

Tracking started September 1, 2015 (if you wish to report a stolen saddle, please call 800-225-2242 x 46)

Type Colour Size New
Serial #
12/01/15 Triumph Dressage Black 17.0 Used 60129S0311
09/02/15 HK Dressage Black 17.5 New 15804S0615
09/02/15 Jeté Jumping Cognac/
17.0 Used 13939S0514
09/02/15 Link II Dressage Black 17.5 Used 15412S0115
09/02/15 Obrigado Dressage Black 17.5 New 15679S0415
09/02/15 Obrigado Dressage Black 18.0 New 15219S1014
09/02/15 Wave Dressage Black 17.0 Used 8600S1108
09/02/15 Wave Dressage Black 18.0 New 13103S0413
01/04/16 Semi-Custom Schleese Dressage Black 18.0 Used 1525H0598
01/29/16 Robert Dover Dressage Black 18.0 Used 1634H230898
03/06/18 Triumph Dressage Black 17.0 Used 8368S0808

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When I had qualified and entered Amistad for Rolex 2010 it was there I decided was a good place to start looking for a saddle sponsor with all the vendors available.  There were so many saddles to look at many representatives to speak to.  I had met Miriam Boutros at the Schleese Saddlery booth while I was sitting in every saddle they had.  She was professional, courteous and very friendly taking the utmost time to tell me all about their saddles how they are fitted so horse and rider can get optimal comfort out of their saddle. It was the detail of explanation plus sitting in them and liking the feel myself that I picked Schleese Saddles out of all the vendors I visited to ask for a sponsorship and with fingers crossed approximately 4 weeks later I got a call that they'd come and fit my horse for me.  I was excited to ride in a Schleese saddle! Schleese saddles are in my opinion by far the best saddles on the market for comfort, quality & looks for the rider and allowing any horse to perform to its highest ability because of the freedom of movement it provides and also the comfort of how/where it sits on any horse that is fortunate to be properly fitted with one! I have been riding in their saddles for almost 8 years now and as 2018 is just around the corner I would like to thank you, Jochen and Sabine, for your superior Saddles which I have had the honour to be sponsored with.  Julia Dixon you are amazing and talented saddle fitter our horses love you! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and I would like to wish Schleese Saddlery and all its staff a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  

— Michele Mueller, Olympian, Port Perry, ON, Canada

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