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Saddles Reported Stolen or Recovered

Please report stolen saddles to [email protected] or call head office at 800-225-2242 x 22 and speak with our Client Care Specialist. Please ensure that you include the date saddle was stolen; saddle model; type; colour; new or used; serial #; your name; any notes you wish to include such a attachments on the saddle, saddle cover, etc.; and if you wish us to publish how to contact you on our website.  Publishing this information will assist the public in reporting found saddles. If you have reported a saddle stolen and it has since been recovered, please inform us so that we may remove the saddle from this chart.

Note: If the chart does not immediately appear, simply refresh your screen.

Reported mm/dd/yySaddle ModelTypeColourSizeNew UsedSerial #OwnerProv/ StateNotesContact
02/02/23RemonteGPBlack17.5"Cons.18959S0319SchleeseABConsignment[email protected]
03/01/21Infinity IIDressageBlack17"Used21430S1220S.ClarkBCGrab Strap Rose gold Stirrups[email protected]
01/28/21ObrigadoDressageBlack17.5"Used19514S0918S.ClarkBCGrab Strap Rose gold Stirrups[email protected]
01/02/19WaveDressageBlack18.0"Used10189S0311M. EvansNC[email protected]
03/06/18TriumphDressageBlack17.0"Used8368S0808[email protected]
01/29/16Robert DoverDressageBlack18.0"Used1634H230898[email protected]
01/04/16Semi-CustomDressageBlack18.0"Used1525H0598[email protected]
12/01/15TriumphDressageBlack17.0"Used60129S0311[email protected]
09/02/15HKDressageBlack17.5"New15804S0615[email protected]
09/02/15JeteJumpCognac/ Havana17.0"Used13939S0514[email protected]
09/02/15Link IIDressageBlack17.5"Used15412S0115[email protected]
09/02/15ObrigadoDressageBlack17.5"New15679S0415[email protected]
09/02/15ObrigadoDressageBlack18.0"New15219S1014[email protected]
09/02/15WaveDressageBlack17.0"Used8600S1108[email protected]
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