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Western Riders

We are proud to introduce an entire gallery on our website dedicated to the talented and passionate Western riders and trainers across Canada and the USA who are proud to call themselves Schleese Ambassadors. Click on the image for a short biography, contact information and testimonial from the rider. Check back in the coming months for updates.

Jeff Wilson

Jeff Wilson

Delhi, NY

Larry Whitesell

Larry Whitesell

Baxter, TN

Linda Hoover

Linda Hoover

North Carolina

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"I couldn't believe it," said Colby's Army lead instructor Kim Coleman Light. "For almost a year I'd been trying to get my rider to sit up with her legs underneath her and as soon as she sat in the Schleese saddle, mission accomplished. All of sudden I have a rider who is advancing much faster. What a difference a Schleese saddle can make!" Kim Coleman

— Kim Coleman and Lisa Wysocky - Nashville, TN

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