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Schleese Superstars

Managing Director

Miriam Boutros-Dale - Managing Director

Miriam Boutros-Dale

Managing Director

Schleese Superstars


Odia Dibben, Sales Manager

Odia Dibben

Sales Manager

Chris Zuccolo, Production Manager

Chris Zuccolo

Production Manager

Marie-Claire Duquette

Marketing Manager

Jeannette Ellis - Accounting Manager

Jeannette Ellis

Accounting Manager

Schleese Superstars


Michelle J Powell

Web-IT Support Specialist

Mackenzie Jay - Sales & Marketing Content Creator

Mackenzie Jay

Sales and Marketing Content Creator

Schleese Superstars

Head Office Team

Linda Haughton - Sr. Clinic Coordinator

Linda Haughton

Senior Clinic Coordinator


Colleen McBroom

Regional Clinic Coordinator

Julia Alebrand - CSE / Clinic Coordinator

Julia Alebrand

Regional Clinic Coordinator

Shaelynn Langman - Client Care Specialist

Shaelynn Langman

Customer Care Specialist

Crystal - Profile Aug 2018

Crystal Bruyns

Production Coordinator

Schleese Superstars

Regional Client Services Managers (CSMs)

Connie Frantzke

Connie Frantzke

Region: United States

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Deb Hirons

Region: Central and Southern California

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Charlie Sokolov - Schleese Certified Equine Ergonomist

Charlie Sokolov

Region: California

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