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Managing Director

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Marketing, IT-Web Manager

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Sales Manager

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Chris Zuccolo

Production Manager

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Jeannette Ellis

Accounting Manager

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Crystal Bruyns

Customer Service

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Colleen McBroom

Clinic Coordinator

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Linda Haughton

Senior Clinic Coordinator

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Julia Alebrand

Regional Clinic Coordinator

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Mackenzie Jay

Business Development Administrator

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I had originally bought my Schleese saddle for my veteran mare. Unfortunately due to soundness issues outside my realm of control I decided to retire my mare earlier than expected. Since buying my current girl as a late two year old she has changed shape many times and my saddle has been able to change right along with her. Every time I have it adjusted I'm amazing at the difference it makes for her and for me. My last adjustment was just 2 weeks ago, right after she turned 5, and on 4/28/13 we won our first o/f class (first class and first win) and she got Grand Champion in her Baby Hunter division. She brings me so much joy, the least I can do is make her as comfortable and happy in her work as possible.

— Suzanne Foster Shermans - Dale, PA

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