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Crystal Bruyns

Customer Service

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Linda Haughton

Senior Clinic Coordinator

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Colleen McBroom

Clinic Coordinator

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Julia Alebrand

Regional Clinic Coordinator

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Mackenzie Jay

Business Development Administrator

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Miriam Boutros-Dale

Managing Director

800.225.2242 x 41

Michelle J. Powell

Marketing, IT-Web Manager

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Odia Dibben

Sales Manager

800-225-2242 x 30

Chris Zuccolo

Production Manager

800-225-2242 x 40

Jeannette Ellis

Accounting Manager

800-225-2242 x 26

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Jochen Schleese was amazingly genuine! He gave us such wonderful information about horses that I didn’t know. Jochen has a natural speaking ability where he draws his audience in and keeps them engaged. I could feel that he is really passionate about what he spoke about. He comes across as a very warm, loving human being. I thought that he was a wonderful speaker!    

— Theresa - Ontario

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