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Dressage Thigh Block Styles


Pricing *

# Style Price
1 External ¾ Support $195
2 External Full Support $195
3 External ½ Support $195
4 External Flat Pad $195
5 Wedge 4.0 or 2.5cm $95
6 Wave Style $95
7 Creeky Style $95
8 KN Style $95
9 Tear Drop Style $95
*if sold separately


Jumping Thigh & Calf Block Styles

Jumping Saddle Leg Internal & External Leg Support Collage-updated April14, 2016

 Pricing *

# Style Price
1 Internal Thigh and Calf Block – Eagle Style (sold in sets of 4) $65
2 Internal Thigh and Calf Blocks – French Pencil Style (sold in sets of 4) $65
3 External Full Flat Pad (sold in pairs) $125
4 External ¾ Support (sold in pairs) $125
5 External 1/2 Support (sold in pairs) $125
*if sold separately


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I want to commend you for dedicating your life to the welfare of the noblest conquest of man the horse. You never cease to amaze me! In October I attended another one of your saddle fitting sessions. You graciously accommodated us and I rode in an Obrigado. It was quite clear from the beginning that my horse was moving out quite well and my friend was amazed. I am a VERY HAPPY customer! Jochen was so attentive to every detail and I am thrilled to finally have the perfect fit. My horse moves out so much more free that I have to learn to adjust to this new stride!  There is SUCH a need to alleviate the suffering of so many horses who endure disciplinary actions for daring to try to communicate that they hurt, - adding insult to injury. Please convey my thanks to your excellent staff. Their customer service is exemplary and you are fortunate to have these ladies. I was a customer service manager for 18 years for a company which believed customer service to be the most important thing thus, I can recognize their excellence!

— Marie-France E. Nolet - Loma Rica, CA

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