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The Revolutionary PSI Panel (patent pending)

This new PSI Panel (patent pending) has a pounds per square inch reducing element integrated into the panel to increase the maximum weight bearing surface while creating a very narrow twist for the rider. Wrapped with a unique blue carbon fiber material, the PSI panel is revolutionary in innovation.

In our ongoing quest for innovation and our constant commitment to bringing the most advanced and scientifically supported products to the market, we introduce to you our revolutionary PSI Panel System, bringing the past back to the future, while creating a super close contact feel for the rider to the horse.

Our ability to ensure an optimal fit to the Saddle Support Area of the horse has been taken to the next level with our PSI Panel System! We can distribute the weight of the rider and saddle in this area much better, while even reducing the pressure per square inch to well below-accepted industry standards. This is especially ideal for horses with a smaller saddle support area with today’s riders. Reducing the pressure per square inch helps maximize the horse’s development and performance while ensuring a pain-free ride.

We are well ahead of the industry in our ability to fit all shapes and sizes of horses and riders with a variety of models, fully adjustable trees and various panel configurations. Our panel designs allow us to fit all saddle support areas and wither confirmations, while still ensuring the rider has the appropriate seat size. Accommodating the continuing shortening of the horse’s back (as a result of breeding trends) has made ‘saddle fit’ a true combination of art and science.

PSI Panel Saddles will be identified with a unique blue Schleese plate under the saddle skirt.


All saddles manufactured with a PSI panel will be clearly identified by a unique blue Schleese plate located under the skirt of each saddle.
For more exciting scientific background information on the PSI Panel System, please visit PSI Panel System (patent pending).

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"I have been riding horses for over 50 years and have always felt that the perfect saddle had yet to be developed. I often dreamed of a saddle that could be adjusted to fit any horse and accommodate its physical development throughout its training. A saddle that would encourage a proper seat position and actually enhance the riding experience without causing physical damage or discomfort to either horse or rider. I had thought it impossible and was very skeptical when Jochen Schleese claimed to have developed a saddle that could do that and more.  The horses immediately had a freedom of movement and suppleness that was amazing and actually encourages the horse to work through their backs. We thank Jochen Schleese for devoting his life to researching and developing his saddle system and is now educating trainers and riders to listen to their horses. Horses always tell the truth."

— Will Faerber - Encinitas, CA

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