Join Thousands of Riders, Saddle Fitters & Equine Professionals who have Discovered the AMAZING BENEFITS of a Properly Fitting Saddle.

+ Learn the secrets of riding pain free for you & your horse.

"A simple step by step process that greatly improves the health, behavior and performance of both horse and rider!" 


With a Professional Saddle Fit Evaluation, find out how our analysis process will detect why you or your horse may experience pain and how to fix it. Riding Pain Free is what Schleese is all about for both you and your horse and our Saddle Fit experts will help you get there!


With a proper fitting saddle fit to the bio-mechanics of both horse and rider and based on scientific fact not opinion,  your riding will improve as well as your horse's performance. Our Professional Saddle Fit Evaluation will also provide you with extremely valuable insight on saddle fitting.


Often one may think a horse's behavior is not saddle fit related but it is more commonly the culprit than one thinks. Make sure you are not confusing bad behavior and attitude with pain. We can take out the guessing and help you find out what your horse is trying to tell you.

Our Professional 80 Point Saddle Fit Events have helped riders just like YOU resolve pain, increase comfort, gain valuable insights and improve horse behavior.

"My entire Schleese saddle fitting experience was terrific! "

From the initial, exciting, invitation to try a Schleese saddle; to the tryout of countless models and styles with the ever patient fitting and adjustments; to the hands-on custom fitting to ‘Travolta’ and myself of our chosen model; it was a positive, supportive, engaging time.  And with the tremendous care and attention to detail, it was love at first ride, which added to our comfort, confidence, and ability at the peak of our International Grand Prix competitive career in Dressage through two Olympic selection trials and one Pan American games trial!  The continued care of fit to an ever-changing horse was caring, detailed and professional in the utmost.

The commitment to quality and integrity demonstrated by the entire Schleese team always is highly valued by me and all who have experienced it. Thank you to the entire Schleese team for helping to make our dream come true.


"They continue to provide me with on-going education on saddle fitting and answer all my questions with explanations that are easily understood."

I have been a customer of Schleese saddlery for over 10 years. Prior to, I spent arduous amounts of time and money trying to find saddles that fit me and my horses, and that did not injure or restrict the movement of my horses. Since working with Schleese my horses perform at their best and continuously improve in their training with minimal interruptions.

When you invest in a Schleese saddle, it is a lifelong partnership. Their saddle fitters travel to me and my clients and take the time to problem solve and get to know our horses to customize the best fitting saddle possible. They continue to provide me with on-going education on saddle fitting and answer all my questions with explanations that are easily understood. The results are a comfortable saddle that fits both horse and rider with superior performance. It is refreshing to work with such skilled and dedicated professionals who match their level of customer service with the excellence of their product.


"When I saw a demo of a Schleese saddle in 1994 at the Colorado Horse Park, I was immediately struck by the thoughtfulness and complexity of these saddles."

Emily Keene brings 33 years of experience to training horses; 23 of those dedicated to Dressage. 

 “When I saw a demo of a Schleese saddle in 1994 at the Colorado Horse Park, I was immediately struck by the thoughtfulness and complexity of these saddles. Lucky me, I got my first Schleese in 95, and I have been with the company ever since! They are a huge part of my program and I could not do it without them. Their saddles are the best in the business, and over the years I’ve witnessed many companies emulate and try to play catch up with them, but there is no substitute for a skillful Schleese evaluation and a frequently updated Schleese saddle.

If you value your horse, if you care about his comfort, if you want a saddle that will enable you to ride in alignment without pain, make the investment. I tell people; if you must spend more on your saddle than you did on your horse, DO SO. It is THAT important! Thank you, Schleese for your constant innovation, care, and amazing saddles, my horses and my riders thank you too!” 



When you JOIN one of our Professional 80 Point Saddle Fit Events you can expect to get the answers to all your problems and you'll leave with the peace of mind that you and your horse are well taken care of. 

What can I expect to learn at a Professional 80 Point Saddle Fit Evaluation Event?

  • You will discover if your saddle is hurting your horse and what you can do about it. 
  • You will find out EXACTLY what your horse needs based on full static and dynamic assessments as well as fitting to the anatomy and bio-mechanics of you and your horse. 
  • You will get the answers to all your questions and leave feeling empowered and educated. 
  • You can experience the feel of a properly fitted saddle adjusted on site to your horse. 
  • You can see & feel  the difference an anatomically appropriate saddle makes for comfort & control.
  • You will receive a written document with measurements for your records which can be compared over time to see the development of your horse.
  • You get a very experienced and CERTIFIED fitter working with you and your horse. All saddle fitters are certified through S4L's industry leading education system & protocol.


Join 30,000+ riders who are actively using Schleese Saddles to ride pain free for horse and rider!





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Want to Host an Event at YOUR BARN?

+ have a barn or know someone who has a barn? Great! Gather 4 or more riders who want a Professional 80 Point Saddle Fit Evaluation and we will bring the event to you! 


Many riders may not be aware of common challenges and health issues caused by ill fitting saddles! Your saddle is the interface between your horse’s horizontal spine and your vertical spine, to distribute your weight comfortably over the horse’s saddle support area.

While every horse and confirmation type is different, there are quite a few ways that you can verify if your saddle may be causing discomfort for you or your horse.


  • poor position
  • feeling unbalanced/ instability in the saddle
  • behind or in front of the horse’s motion
  • back, neck, hip, knee, pelvic discomfort/ pain
  • feeling ‘pulled apart’
  • recurring bladder infections
  • falling into a ‘chair-seat’
  • swinging legs
  • knees and toes turned out


  • resistance or unwanted behaviour
  • stumbling or tripping
  • gait irregularities
  • refusing jumps
  • 'leg moving’
  • busy tongue, head tossing
  • sore sensitive back or swelling
  • undiagnosed symptomatic lameness
  • hollow back , white hairs or girthiness


Join us at a Professional 80 Point Saddle Fit Event & let us help you.

Imagine the positive impact a custom fit saddle will have on your life!

 “I have been riding in Schleese Saddles since 2007. My life changed from that day! Schleese Saddles have transformed my training and coaching. The comfort, balance, and support these saddles give me, on the flat and over fences are wonderful! I am very confident in the product and stand behind them 100%.  My horses are pain-free and able to train and learn with no restrictions from ill-fitting tack allowing them to reach their maximum potential.At the end of the day, knowing I will be pain-free speaks volumes. As an “Event Rider” I spend a lot of hours in the saddle. Thankyou to the Schleese team for keeping me and my students so well outfitted.”

Edie Tarves - Uxbridge, ON

“My Schleese saddles have been the best investments that I have made for my training horses and competition horses.

I love how the saddles can be adjusted as my horses mature and become more developed as training progresses, maintaining maximum comfort for all. I have always appreciated the extensive professional support that I receive from Schleese before and after the purchase. My saddle fitter, beyond having an experienced eye for optimal balance and equitation, takes the time to get to know my horses and listens to my feedback.”

Trish Tweddell - Olds, AB

“I have found that the horses like this saddle, especially in canter work. I have also enjoyed having the option of using it on other horses that I have in training just by changing the panels. As my horses progress in their training and their musculature changes, it has been very helpful to have the saddle as an option if and when they grow out of their original saddle. It gets me through and allows me to continue training until the saddle fitter can adjust their individual saddles”. Just got Damon fitted with his ‘ProLight’ saddle. WOW!!! LOVE ❤️ LOVE IT!! He is moving so big I hope I can keep up with him. And it has made his walk the best ever!!

Nancy Smith - Wellington, FL

Here's What You Get when you book a Professional Saddle Fit Evaluation Event

  • Dynamic assessment of: saddle, dust pattern, riding, equine behaviours, movement and position, before and after adjustment.
  • Static assessment and measurements of: tree integrity, condition of billets, stitches and leather, saddle pad, saddle length, billet position, gullet width, vertical and horizontal panels and saddle support area (SSA) of the horse.
  • Demo saddles or your own saddles are adjusted to the horse’s conformation for the rider to experience the ‘wow’ feeling of optimal fit during the ride analysis.
  • The proper fit of your bridle (snaffle or double bridle) is extremely important to ensure you to bypass the facial nerves. Material, length, shape and style place a huge role in comfort and performance of your horse.

 All of this is included when you JOIN us at a Professional 80 Point Saddle Fit Evaluation Event near you!

Why do we give this much value? Because we believe education is the key to creating everlasting change. Our goal since day 1 has been to protect both horse and rider from ill-fitting saddles and that's what we will continue to do!

 The only question left is what are you waiting for? Click below to find an event near you. We look forward to helping you and your horse.

Why I Do, What I Do
Jochen Schleese

Founder Of Schleese Saddlery Service Ltd.

Argentina was the first place I saw gauchos in my youth. I was born in Germany, but spent my first 7 years in South America. Here I found my love for horses. I watched the gauchos galloping alongside our car, chasing a rhea while swinging a bolo. The magic was feeling that horse and rider were one. From then on I wanted to capture this same magic. Back in Germany my wish came true – I got my first horse.

I fell into the money, medals, and fame trap – it became about the horse as machine. I lost touch with everything I was drawn to in the first place. 

My calling gave me opportunity to reconnect and recapture the original magic. I can now share this worldwide with people who search for the same miracle where man and horse as one.

After the 1982 German nationals my Hanoverian gelding began showing lameness – not attributed to the saddle, since the experts – vets, trainers, farriers – kept us fit for the team. I think of what we did to ward off the lameness: blocking, blistering, re-shoeing and pharmaceuticals – makes me cry. I know now it was my saddle not made for the horse’s requirements – with every step his shoulders were hit by forward facing tree points; the narrow gullet impacted his spinal processes, back ligaments and nerves, and the gullet plate pinched his wither muscle as he move. I followed the advice of experts, but the result was a ‘textbook case’ of torture for my horse.

In 1984 after qualifying for the Europeans I retired ‘Pirat’ for lameness, effectively ending my riding career. I wish I had known then what I have learned in the past 30+ years. I am very determined to alleviate this consequence for other horses.

Studying the effects of poor saddle fit, the horse in motion, and equine development led to founding Saddlefit 4 Life® in 2005 – a global network of equine professionals dedicated to protecting horse and rider from long term damage. Saddlefit 4 Life®  principles and system are taught so that saddle fit issues can be recognized.

“I followed the advice of experts, but the result was a ‘textbook case’ of torture for my poor horse!” 

No horse should suffer for the ignorance of his rider, nor should a sound horse have to be farmed out or put down from damage so severe that nothing more can be done. We need to help the horse by improving back health and comfort.

The biggest reward is when a horse begins to move freely and well in a properly fitted saddle. Often riders throw their arms around me crying with joy, because the difference is that visible. They realize how much harm they had unknowingly done riding in an ill-fitting saddle. This is my calling – teaching professionals around the world so together we can improve the well-being of horses and riders worldwide.

“This is my calling – teaching professionals around the world so together we can improve the well-being of horses and riders worldwide.”


Come JOIN US at a Professional Saddle Fit Evaluation Event NEAR YOU & DISCOVER  why Jochen is the leading EXPERT IN ANATOMICALLY APPROPRIATE SADDLES!

As Featured On

Even Equine Professionals, Doctors & Veterinarians RECOMMEND going to a Saddle Fit Evaluation Event!

Madchen Giesler-Lewallen

U.S. Grand Prix




5* FEI Judge and Past USEF Coach



U.S. Grand Prix

Dressage Rider



Canadian Grand Prix Dressage Riders 



Eventing – Canadian Olympic Event Rider

Werner Geven Schleese Ambassador



International Dressage, Jumper and Event Rider



World Champion Western Dressage Rider



 U.S. Grand Prix


“I’ve ridden in Schleese saddles for over a decade. Whether I am eventing at the upper levels or competing at Grand Prix, my Schleese saddles have been instrumental in my success. I achieved my USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals while riding in a Schleese."

– Carolyn Wehle (English/Dressage)

Here Is Our, 

"We Know You Will Love It" 


We 100% guarantee you will love our Professional 80 Point Saddle Fit Evaluation Event. 

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your evaluation, just let us know and we will arrange for a complimentary long-distance re-assessment.

Let me show you EVERYTHING you get when you book a Professional 80 Point Saddle Fit Evaluation at one of our"On-Site Events" OR through our "Online Evaluation Program".

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Book A "Professional 80 Point Saddle Fit Evaluation" Today! 

You have 2 Options

Professional Saddle Fit 
Evaluation Program

Simplest & fastest way to analyze your Saddle Fit.  Perfect for individuals who are unable to attend an On-Site Event. 

  • You will discover if your saddle is hurting you or your horse and what you can do about it.
  • You will get access to a comprehensive user-friendly portal with simple step by step video guides & pdf instructions. Available on all devices.
  • You will get 2 Free educational training videos from our SaddleFit4Life® Academy. These videos will explain the optimal placement of a saddle, how to identify problem areas and much more! (Almost 4hrs of amazing material taught by our founder, Jochen Schleese! - $100 value)
  • We will teach you how to take your own measurements, pictures & videos and submit it on our online portal. We walk you through the entire process, making it very fun and knowledgable experience.
  • A Certified Equine Ergonomist will review the videos you submit and do a full Dynamic Assessment to help you better understand the relationship between rider, saddle and horse, moving in real-time and how to identify potential problem areas.
  • You will get a 1 on 1 video consultation with a Certified Equine Ergonomist to discuss your evaluation findings based on the measurement you submitted, answer any questions you might have and provide you with some viable solutions to optimize your saddle fit.
  • + 2 x Bonuses: Get FREE Access To Our "Consequences Of Ill-Fitting Saddles: To The Horse"  & "Consequences of Ill-Fitting Saddle: To The Rider Video Trainings ($100 Value)
  • Plus much more!

Regular $90 Get it Today For






Here’s the best part! If for any reason, you attend a Professional 80 Point Saddle Fit Evaluation Event and you don't feel like you gained amazing value, contact [email protected] to arrange for a complimentary long-distance re-assessment. That's how confident we are with the service we provide!

If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they will help you out until you get the results you need.

So join the growing ‘herd’ (pun intended) of riders who have pushed our total YouTube guests to over 13.4K subscribers, 2.1 million views and learn for yourself the difference a well-fitting saddle can make for you – and your horse with over 455 videos from which to choose to view! 

We welcome your thoughts and your feedback!

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