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Saddle Options Charts & Leg Support Options

Dressage Saddle Options

PriceSequenceContinuumLet's DanceProLightTributeObrigadoHKTriumphInfinity IIBonita Dr
Leather - Prem Euro Soft (PES)N/CS - ComboS - ComboSSSSSSSS
Leather - Buffalo$150S - ComboS - Combo-O-OOOO-
Leather - German$150---O-OOOO-
Leather - PES - 2 Tone$195--SO-OOOO-
Extended Stirrup BarsN/C--SSSSSSSS
EXTRA Extended Stirrup BarsN/COOOOOOOOO-
CB Stirrup BarN/CSS--------
Additional D-Rings/Pair$25OOOOOOOOO-
Mono Flap - External Thigh Blocks$495--SSSSOOO-
Double Flap - Internal Thigh BlocksN/CSSOO-OSSSS
Custom Thigh Blocks$495OOOOOOOOOO
3/4 Shoulder Relief Panel$495---SSSSSS-
Alternate Panel TypeN/C---OOOOOO-
IP PanelN/CS---------
Hybrid Panel - Incl. TruForm Fit PadN/C-S--------
Alternate Flap LengthN/COOOOOOOOO-
Customization (Seat or Tree)$495---OOOOOO-

S-Standard     O=Optional     N/C=No Charge Option     – =Unavailable

Jumping Saddle Options

PriceCosmicBoundlessLightFlightUniLightJeteRemonteBonita Jp
Leather - Prem Euro Soft (PES)N/CSSSSSOS
Leather - Buffalo$150--OOO--
Leather - German$150--OOO--
Leather - PES - 2 Tone$195O N/CO N/COOOO-
Extended Stirrup BarsN/C--SSSSS
EXTRA Extended Stirrup BarsN/C--OOO--
CB Stirrup BarN/CSS-----
Additional D-Rings/Pair$25OOOOO--
Mono Flap - External Thigh Blocks$495--OO---
Double Flap - Internal Thigh BlocksN/CSSOOSSS
Custom Thigh Blocks$495OOOOOOO
3/4 Shoulder Relief Panel$495--SSS--
Alternate Panel TypeN/C--OOO--
PSI Panel$495SSOOO--
IP PanelN/C-S-----
Hybrid Panel - Incl. TruForm Fit PadN/CS------
Alternate Flap LengthN/COOOOO--
Customization (Seat or Tree)$495--OOO--

S-Standard     O=Optional     N/C=No Charge Option     – =Unavailable

Dressage Thigh Block Styles

*Pricing - if sold separately.

Dressage StyleApprox. Measurements: (L)* (W)* (H)* (cm)Price *
1External 3/4 AngledL-21cm W-6.5cm H-9cm$195
2aExternal Short AngledL-17.5cm W-6.5cm H-7cm$195
2bExternal EXTRA Short AngledL-15cm W-6.5cm H-6cm$195
3External 3/4 Support (OB)L-23cm W-6.5cm H-7cm$195
4External Full SupportL-35cm W-9cm H-9cm$195
5External 1/2 SupportL-23cm W-8cm H-5cm$195
6External Flat PadL-39cm W-11cm H-2cm$195
7aWedge - SmallL-26cm W-7.5cm H-5cm$95
7bWedge - Large (not shown)L-26cm W-7.5cm H-7.5cm$95
8WaveL-24cm W-7.5cm H-7.5cm$95
9CreekyL-25cm W-7cm H-7cm$95
10RemonteL-17cm W-6.5cm H-4.5cm$95
11KNL-22cm W-5cm H-5cm$95
12Tear-DropL-21cm W-10cm H-7cm$95

Jumping Thigh & Calf Block Styles

* Pricing - if sold separately

Jumping StyleApprox. Measurements: (L)* (W)* (H)* (cm)Price *
1Internal Thigh & Calf - Eagle (set of 4)L-14cm W-6cm H4.5cm / L-13cm W-5cm H-4cm$65
2Internal Thigh Eagle & Calf Block Pencil (set of 4)L-12cm W-5cm H-4cm / L-16cm W-4.5cm H-4.5cm$65
3Remonte (sold in pairs)L-17cm W-6.5cm H-4.5cm$95
4External Full Flat Pad (sold in pairs)L-21cm W-8cm H-4cm$125
5External 3/4 Support (sold in pairs)L-18cm W-8cm H-7cm$125
6External 1/2 Support (sold in pairs)L-12cm W-8cm H-5cm$125
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