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DISCOVER the 4 LINE TECHNIQUE To Finding The Perfect Spot For Your Saddle Everytime

Without expensive tools and just a piece of chalk!

Here's What You'll Learn


Fit your saddle like a pro using the  4 Line Technique to find the perfect spot for your saddle every time.


Learn to avoid the 14 reflex points that cause negative reactions... by improper saddle placement.


How to best support your spine and properly distribute your weight over the horizontal spine of the horse. (Hint... These balance points must align!)


Why "Placement" is absolutely critical for the long term health of your horse and the physical implications a poorly fitted saddle can cause.


Step by step visual walkthrough how to map out your own horse! (Just make sure you focus on these two things...)


Q&A session addressing riders MOST common questions and misconceptions when it comes to saddle placement.

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Here are just a fraction of our own client's results…

Edie Tarves 

Uxbridge, ON

Knowing I will be pain-free speaks volumes

My horses are pain-free and able to train and learn with no restrictions from ill-fitting tack allowing them to reach their maximum potential. At the end of the day, knowing I will be pain-free speaks volumes.

Chad Basile

Webster, NY

Since working with Schleese my horses perform at their best

I spent arduous amounts of time and money trying to find saddles that fit me and my horses, and that did not injure or restrict the movement of my horses. Since working with Schleese my horses perform at their best and continuously improve in their training with minimal interruptions.

Terri Fountain

Victoria, AUS

It has helped me so much in understanding both of my horses bodies.

I couldn’t be happier. It (the saddle) put me in the right position and he felt so good under me. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge online. It has helped me so much in understanding both of my horses bodies.

About The Teacher, Jochen Schleese

Hey, I'm Jochen Schleese, Founder of  Schleese Saddelry and I want to hand you one of the “Holy Grails” of saddle fitting...

You see in 1984 after qualifying for the Europeans I had to retire my horse for lameness due to an improper fitted saddle, effectively ending my riding career! I wish I had known then what I have learned in the past 40+ years of research.

I never want this to happen to you, that is why I am giving you FREE Access to our "How To Map Out Your Horse" training video.  I've had help from some of the top doctors, chiropractors , veterinarians, and osteopaths in the industry to bring you this training!

Based on facts not opinions…
No “Fluff” just pure actionable information…
And no “sugar coating the truth”…

Change Your Life & The Life Of Your Horse Now For FREE!

New Tripoli, PA

When the horse is free to move and use his body without pain or hindrance, the benefits are endless

My little TB gelding developed muscle and movement that I had not thought possible and his overall comfort and soundness very vastly improved after 6 months in his Schleese saddle. Every event horse I’ve owned since has been fitted with a Schleese saddle. When the horse is free to move and use his body without pain or hindrance, the benefits are endless.


Harvard, MA

The science behind saddle fitting and the lengths the team went to was unlike any saddle fitting I had ever seen!

The very first thing I was drawn to by Schleese was their meticulous saddle fitting program. I have confidence knowing each time I ride my horses in a Schleese that the saddle is fit to their particular needs and that it can be adjusted to fit their ever-changing bodies as they develop.

Trish Tweddell

Olds, AB

Best investments that I have made for my training horses and competition horses.

Best investments that I have made for my training horses and competition horses. I love how the saddles can be adjusted as my horses mature and become more developed as training progresses, maintaining maximum comfort for all. I have always appreciated the extensive professional support that I receive from Schleese.

Melanie Bourque

Quebec, CA

I’m so grateful for Jochen’s master skills as a saddle fitter and biomechanics expert.

My mare, Rubi, was experiencing back problems. Being gray and close to the blood, she’s a very sensitive horse and the slightest saddle misfit translates into major skin irritation and hollowing / twisting of the back.

After riding her in a Schleese saddle for a year, including a demanding show season, her back is now perfect! 

Debbie Gibeau

Eckville, AB

I am now a balanced rider and Coco is a happy [and] who is willing to do his work everyday.

I have had Coco my Dutch Warmblood for 6 years and found it very difficult to fit a saddle for his very large shoulder, long wither and extremely short back. After years of searching buy and trying, with no luck, I finally made an appointment with Natalie Sauner from Schleese in our Alberta area. Coco and I are elated to finally have found the saddle for us!

Emily Morris

Avella, PA

He’s happy and no longer reactive and spooky as his back is pain free!!

I am thrilled with the saddles and the fitters ! My 17 yr old draft cross has the cleanest spine they had ever seen when he had a bone scan done too see where arthritis was . His spine was clean . He only has been ridden in a Schleese. Just wanted to tell you how much this new saddle has changed my horse. My super short Obrigado [saddle] saved Pete.

This is normal for our clients...

And we want it to be your “new normal” too…

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We hope so – because we put together this exclusive FREE training to show you the exact mapping blueprint our Certified Equine Ergonomist use with our customers!

Something they’ve each paid well over $3K to learn and become certified.

But our mission is to save horses and help all riders get results and that doesn’t just end with our customers…

Which is why we want to help you avoid the costly journey and thousands of mistakes it took us to discover these secrets.

So if you’re ready to take your riding to the next level and ensure your saddle placement is safe for you and your horse, then hit the button below.

We guarantee we can teach you what you need to know — all you gotta do is implement…

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