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Jumping Saddles

by Schleese

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  • LightFlight – Jump /XC – Bi-NateLine™

    $6,295.00$6,795.00 Select options
  • Jeté Jumping Saddle by Schleese

    Jeté – Jumping – Traditional Line

    $5,695.00$6,190.00 Select options
  • Merci XC – Cross Country – Traditional Line

    $5,195.00$5,840.00 Select options
  • Merci – Jumping – Traditional Line

    $5,195.00$5,840.00 Select options
  • Bonita Jump - front angle

    Bonita – Pony Jumping – Traditional Line

    $2,995.00$3,290.00 Select options
  • Memory Foam 1/2 Pad

    $219.00 Select options
  • Schleese Plain Jumper Saddle Pad (No Logo)

    $49.00 Select options
  • Schleese Logo Jumper Saddle Pad

    $49.00 Add to cart

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Day 2 in my new Infinity II and I love it twice as much as I did yesterday. My horse just seems more powerful, lifting her back and using her shoulders more. She is reaching for the bit more and is steadier in the contact, more willing to move laterally. I love the sitting phase of rising trot; I come into this soft, balanced place and feel I can adjust my position more readily. The bridle is an added perk. It fits her better and gives her more relief at her ears and brow. Thank you so much for taking half a day to give me and my horse this wonderful gift!

— Robin Gray - Hockley, TX

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