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LightFlight – Jump /XC – Bi-NateLine™

(2 customer reviews)

$6,795.00 CAD$7,290.00 CAD

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The LightFlight is the next-generation in advanced horse and rider comfort and performance. The saddle features the innovative Schleese shoulder relief cut-back panel to provide the best shoulder relief in the industry. Our adjustable lightweight AdapTree® can be adjusted ongoing to your horse and to any future horses. The LightFlight also features our new revolutionary PSI panel system to maximize the weight bearing surface throughout the panel with an unheard-of lowest pressure per square inch of any English saddle in the industry! See our PSI Panel System information (patent pending).

The LightFlight is suited for eventers and jumpers and comes with a variety of flap, panel, billeting, size, colour and style options. The extra soft seat and narrow twist allow the rider to sit “into” the horse, rather than “on top of” the horse,  for an extremely close contact feel. The new mono flap “LightFlight” has been test-ridden by Canadian Three Day Event Olympian Edie Tarves, who said, “ this saddle affords me the ultimate close contact feel and lets my horse move with wonderful freedom! “

Take flight today with the new Schleese LightFlight!

Custom Options Available   View Glamour Options Chart.    Visit our Testimonials Section.

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Weight 13.5 lbs

Premium European Soft Leather


Black, Brown (Light Havana), Cognac (Caramel), Chestnut (Reddish Brown), 2 Toned (Cognac+Chestnut), Custom Colour Choices


16.5", 17.0", 17.5", 18.0"


The narrow twist allows the rider's leg to fall and hang naturally with close contact.


Jumper Short, Jumper Extended


Standard Double Flap, Mono-Flap XC


'PSI' panel with or without shoulder relief allows complete freedom of movement for horses with big shoulders, comes with LightFlight panel wedge.


Blue Carbon Fibre, Plain Leather


3 billets under the flap provided for use with a traditional jumping girth, Long monoflap billets


Velcro Eagle Style (on double flap), Velcro French Pencil Style (on double flap), Stitched Eagle Style, Stitched French Pencil Style (double flap only), Integrated External (mono or double flap), Integrated External Thigh block + underneath calf block (double flap only), an additional Velcro knee wedges available with some combinations


Quilted stitching on flap below skirt with esthetically pleasing lines throughout.

2 reviews for LightFlight – Jump /XC – Bi-NateLine™

  1. Erin

    I love my LightFlight & Schleese! After much time struggling with saddle fit and poor behavior from my horse, I was introduced to Schleese by a friend and I will never look back. Holy Cow! My mare’s performance has been incredible since making the switch to Schleese and having the Light Flight fit to her. She is finally comfortable at the canter, and I can finally comfortably sit to it in this saddle! We also previously struggled keeping a contact and that was all solved after switching to the Light Flight.
    I can truly say my fitters have bent over backwards for us and continue to provide awesome customer service! I am thankful I will have this beautiful saddle for many more years to come.

  2. Amy Smith

    I could not be happier with my LightFlight! Reading the research that went into the development of the PSI panels originally piqued my interest. When riding in a demo right after riding in a saddle with regular panels, the difference was immediately apparent. I’m so happy to support a company that has invested so much in utilizing technology to advance our sport.

    • Michelle J Powell (store manager)

      Wonderful to hear your positive feedback Amy! We have been receiving rave reviews about our revolutionary PSI panel from all those trying any model with this wonderfully designed panel. Thank you!

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