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UniLight – Hunter/Equitation – Bi-NateLine™


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Product Description

Developed as our premier equitation/hunt seat saddle, the UniLight has been designed for the show ring helping you to achieve your best ride. It is built on our Lightweight-Split AdapTree® and comes standard with our revolutionary PSI Panel. The Unity has a medium deep seat that allows for an extremely close contact feel with your horse, a narrow twist to enable your leg to fall into place for a perfect equitation leg. This saddle offers a variety of flap lengths, panels, and colour options. See our PSI Panel System (patent pending) information.

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Custom Options Available

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Additional Information

Weight 13.5 lbs

Infinitely adjustable Lightweight-Split AdapTree.


Soft-Ride medium depth seat, Standard Forward Balance, Optional Center Balance


Adaptable (flexing) narrow twist, allows the rider’s leg to fall and hang naturally with close contact.


3 billets under the flap provided for use with a traditional jumping girth, Optional Long Billets with Mono Flap


Seat designed for the Female or Male Pelvic Axis.


16.5″, 17.0″, 17.5″, 18.0″


Revolutionary PSI Panel with shoulder relief is standard (no options)


Standard Double Flap, Mono Flap is Optional


Internal adjustable Velcro Eagle-Style, Velcro Pencil-Style, Stitched Eagle-Style, Stitched Pencil-Style.


Premium European Soft Leather


Black, Brown (Light Havana), Cognac (Caramel), Chestnut, 2-Tone Cognac – Chestnut, Custom 2-Tone Combination $495


Jumper Short Stirrup Bars, Extended Jumper Stirrup Bars, Additional D-Rings, Alternate Panel Type, Flap Length, Choice of Blue Carbon Fibre or Plain Leather for both Gullet Leather and Leather Keeper.


Visit our Glamour Options Chart for a variety of stunning choices some of which include shaped back roll, colour welting and/or stitching, tooled half moon on cantle and crystal decorations for an additional cost.


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Hi Sabine, OK, I submitted the following review on Amazon for Jochens book. It is being processedby Amazon, so will appear soon, I suspect. I gave it a 5 star rating: I have been an endurance rider since the mid 1980's. Asking a horse to go 50, 75 or 100 miles in a day is asking a lot--of both horse and rider. It takes hundreds and hundreds of miles of preparation to get you both in shape to successfully compete in this sport. A primary factor in this equation is a proper saddle fit for both you and your horse. I have struggled with how to accomplish this for 30 years, and it has never been explained so clearly as in this book. Jochen Schleese has put all the pieces of the puzzle together in this well written and well-illustrated book. You will learn that ALL saddles out there (with the exception of a side-seat saddle and a Schleese saddle) are made to fit a man's pelvis. There is no way a woman can ever be comfortable or truly in balance in a saddle built for a man's pelvis. The shape of a woman's pelvis and her center of gravity is very different from a man's. You will also learn all the features of a saddle that can hurt a horse if the saddle is not built or adjusted correctly, and that many behavioral issues a horse exhibits are often a result of poor saddle fit. There are also many chronic soft-tissue injuries that horses and riders can completely avoid by a saddle that fits both horse and rider properly. In this book, Jochen Schleese explains in an easy to understand manner, all the steps necessary for determining whether or not a saddle fits you and your horse properly--both when the horse is standing still and when the horse is in motion and if it continues to fit over time as the horse changes shape from conditioning (or lack thereof). I highly recommend this book. It will arm you with information that can save both you and your horse from unnecessary pain and make riding a much more enjoyable experience for both of you. Read this book, and you will gain the knowledge that Jochen Schleese has so generously shared. If you apply this knowledge, it will definitely help you and your horse ride pain free for a lifetime. I wanted also to let you and Jochen know that my saddle arrived yesterday. It is absolutely beautiful. I think the stirrup leather solution is brilliant. Hopefully it will all work for both Tahoe and me. It’s still pouring rain outside, and Tahoe is soaking wet and muddy from rolling in the mud. We are forecast for some dry weather tomorrow so I might be able to get him cleaned up enough to try out the saddle and go for a little hack on the unpaved road that I live on (safe footing even with all this rain). Ill keep you posted. Best regards,

— Sharma Gaponoff - Grass Valley, GA

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