Schleese Livestreams – December 2023

Schleese Livestreams - December 2023

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Schleese Education for December 2023 – 10 Livestreams to View

Join us for one of the livestreams listed below at your convenience and educate yourself on the latest developments in saddle fitting! Mark your calendars!

1. Kate Kudelko – dressage/ December 6th @ 11:30am

Kate is a young professional based in Brooksville, Florida, specializing in training ponies, small horses, and rescues in dressage. Most of her clients’ horses are paints and stock crosses which means she has run into her fair share of complications fitting horses who have very wide shoulders in comparison to the size of their body.

2. Hannah S. – December 6th @ 3:15pm

Hannah is an English polo groom and equine manager based in Fredrikstad, Norway. After graduating with a Film Studies degree from the University of Warwick, she took on a social media internship at The Norwegian Polo Club which soon evolved into her becoming their groom and equine manager! With
four horses and ponies of her own, she has always been a weird horse girl who is unapologetically obsessed with horses and how to improve their wellbeing.

3. AlexisandraTravis – https://www.instagram.comsc00byd1zzl3/ December 8th @ 11:15am

Alex Travis is an indigenous veteran from Arizona with over two decades of large animal training and handling experience, as well as a Masters Degree Science in Animal Biomedical Sciences. She owns 8 equines; 2 registered quarter horses, 5 Mustangs, 1 draft cross Mustang and 2 donkeys. Alex’s training emphasis is on meeting the 3Fs and LIMA protocols, exclusively trains with positive
reinforcement and most of her program is at liberty. She primarily works with feral/untouched horses and ones that have had a violent or aggressive history.

4. Meaghan Monahan – December 8th @ 4:30pm

Meaghan grew up in Massachusetts. The culture of horsemanship modeled for her was science and health- veterinarians, saddle fitters, massage therapy, chiropractors, farriers, and taking care of the horse from the ground up. She interned with a sports medicine veterinary clinic and worked at SmartPak Equine’s only retail location. Meaghan went out west to Colorado State University for Equine Sciences in 2009 and got a crash course in Western culture, learning from the wisdom of real cowboys and how a well-fitting saddle was crucial in keeping a horse and rider both safe and healthy. Competitive Trail Rides (NATRC organization) have been a welcome home. Meaghan qualified
for APHC World Championships the last few years and hopes to go this year. Her organization with Appaloosas is classified as an educational nonprofit (501c3), founded in memory of Clyde Al Maxey. (, and platforms of TikTok (@SassyAppys) and Instagram (@Sassy_Appys)
reach people around the globe.

5. Mia Hickey – 11th @ 10:15am

Mia has always loved animals and has been riding for 9 years. She started in English and Western, then fell in love with jumping, riding and competing in hunters, jumpers and equitation. She is a working student at a hunter-jumper barn and a member of her university’s equestrian show team. She is also pursuing an Equine Welfare certificate through Guelph University’s online

6. Emily Ferreira December 1st @ 4:15pm – Tentative

Emily Ferreira is based in Ontario, Canada and has been riding for over 15 years. She began as a Western rider but soon found a love for the English riding world, and has since entered the hunter/jumper ring. She has done everything from part boarding to leasing and finally owning her own horse, an 18-year-old American quarter horse. Emily’s love for her horse has led her down an informative path regarding the importance of saddle fit.

7. #askJochen Q&A livestream- December 7th @ 5pm