Schleese Livestreams – January 2024

Schleese Livestreams

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Schleese Education for January 2024 – 3 Livestreams to View

Join us for one of the livestreams listed below at your convenience and educate yourself on the latest developments in saddle fitting! Mark your calendars!

Kate Kudelko –  Jan.10 @ 2:00pm
Kate is a young professional based in Brooksville, Florida, specializing in training ponies, small horses, and rescues in dressage. Most of her client’s horses are paints and stock crosses, so that she has run into her fair share of complications fitting horses who have very wide shoulders in comparison to the size of their body

Mia Hickey – Jan, 15 @ 3:30pm
Mia has always loved animals and has been riding for 9 years. She started out in both English and western, then fell in love with jumping.- riding and competing in hunters, jumpers and equitation. She is a working student at a hunter jumper barn and a member of her university’s equestrian show team. She is also pursuing an Equine Welfare certificate through Guelph University’s online program.

Hannah S. –  Jan.16 @ 2:00pm

Hannah (silversnaffles) is an English polo groom and equine manager based in Fredrikstad, Norway. After graduating with a Film Studies degree from the University of Warwick, she took on a social media internship at The Norwegian Polo Club which soon evolved into her becoming their groom and equine manager! With four horses and ponies of her own, she has always been a weird horse girl who is unapologetically obsessed with horses and how to improve their well-being