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Obrigado – Dressage Saddle

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Kim Herslow & Rosmarin winning with their Obrigado Saddle. Photo by Susan Stickle.

Schleese is pleased to announce the latest addition to our stable of dressage saddles – The “Obrigado”. Schleese’s newest best-seller allows every rider to feel the breathing of the horse, with the horse moving as freely as if he were not under saddle. The Obrigado provides several unique features benefiting horse and rider – several current and former Olympians who are now using the Obrigado on their horses have said that the saddle is so soft and the seat so deep that it makes them feel like they are one with their horses. Built on a modified AdapTree®, the Obrigado offers the most extreme shoulder freedom for the horse, with the softest seat in the dressage industry. Available in a standard monoflap, many innovative options truly personalize this saddle for both horse and rider.  Obrigado means ‘thank you’ in Portuguese. It was developed together with the head trainer of the Lusitano Association in Sao Paulo Brazil. He came up with the name because he actually felt his horses were saying ‘thank you’ for being afforded such freedom of movement. This saddle will allow you to get so close to your horse that you can actually feel him breathe. It has become the saddle of choice for riders of  all levels, and has been proven especially effective for the ‘baroque-style’ horses.



OH MY GOSH!!!  somebody kick me.  I just [received] my first Obrigado saddle for demo and rode my husband’s horse. Several years ago, I trained on this horse myself for almost 2 years and finally gave up for something more comfortable more fun easier to ride. I was TOTALLY AMAZED at the improvement in his movement and the lightness that I immediately felt in the Obrigado.  It made me want to ride him more and that I have not wanted to do at all in years.  Jochen, I am impressed!  This saddle made a huge gigantic difference in this horse. He truly says Thank You!

Terry, PA

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Custom Options Available


Additional Information

Weight 10.0 kg

Deep, 11 cm, with flex cap option (cantle shock absorption for the rider’s back), square or round cantle, sloped pommel with recessed tree points (allows the rider to sit close to the base of the withers while allowing maximum freedom of the horse’s shoulder rotation), forward balance or cup seat option.


Adaptable (flexing) extra narrow twist, allows the rider to give quicker and sharper aids to the horse.


The adjustable V-Webbing billet system allows for correct billet alignment and equal pull throughout the length of the tree.


Seat designed for the Female or Male Pelvic Axis.


16.5″, 17.0″, 17.5″, 18.0″


Mono Flap, Double Flap, French Leather, Buffalo Leather, German Leather, 2-Toned Leather, X-Extended Stirrup Bars, Additional D-Rings, Custom Thigh Rolls, Alternate Panel Type, Flap Length, Customization to Seat or Tree


The unique style of the Obrigado panel with extreme shoulder cut back places 70% of the saddle and the rider in front of the 14th rib to limit the pressure on the tendon fascial plate.


Premium European Soft Leather, German, Buffalo


Black, Brown, 2-Toned Black & Brown



5 reviews for Obrigado – Dressage Saddle

  1. 5 out of 5


    This is the first new saddle I’ve bought for myself and I now wonder why I waited so long! Beginning with the amazing saddle fitting experience, I knew this was a great decision. On my first ride with the Obrigado, I immediately found my leg naturally fell into the correct position, I felt infinitely more balanced and secure in my saddle and my horse moved so much more freely and forward than I’ve ever felt him move. In addition to the function, this is a gorgeous looking saddle- the quality is stunning- starting from the hides used to the craftsmanship of the manufacturing. I’m a very very satisfied customer -as is Gus!

    • :

      Valerie, thank you kindly for your testimonial! We’re delighted with such positive feedback and trust this may help others to take the ‘plunge’ into a Schleese saddle of their own! We wish you and ‘Gus’ much-added comfort to your daily rides and positive changes to your training ritual.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I have had about ten rides with my new Obrigado… I love it!! My mare’s gaits are more forward/swinging and I am sitting much more comfortably/correctly. I also realized that my chronic lower back pain has improved significantly.

  3. 5 out of 5


    The word “amazing” is often overused, but this saddle is simply “AMAZING”. I’ve ridden for almost 50 years and have never experienced anything with such freedom for me and more importantly for my horse. She is the typical impossible to fit Arab – short back, big shoulders, forward girth groove. By gosh, this thing FITS!! And even during break-in, she had no soreness or fussiness; just put it on and ride. Highly recommended!!!

  4. 5 out of 5


    I bought a brand new Obrigado saddle this year and I absolutely love it!! It is very comfortable and really helps me with my seat. I would highly recommend this saddle to anyone wanting to get into dressage!!

    • :

      Nicole, we are very happy to hear that you love your new Obrigado saddle. Schleese Saddlery will look forward to keeping you and your horse happy for many years to come.


      The Schleese Team

  5. 5 out of 5


    I love my new Obrigado. Purchased new May 2016 for an older, former young rider, Prix St. Georges school master coming back from time off. Great for his short flat back, which is still filling in from time off. With still too much tension in his poll and an overdeveloped underneck, he can be spooky and this saddle is great for maintaining balance without gripping. Makes his work and my work more productive.

    • :

      Jennifer, thank you for your feedback.
      We are always appreciative to hear back from our customers. We are also glad to hear that both you and your horse are enjoying and benefiting from our Schleese Obrigado dressage saddle.
      Keep up the great work with furthering his muscular development with his newly found shoulder and back freedom.


      The Schleese Teeam

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SSG Katie Ferencik joined the U.S. Army in the summer of 2001, and has served two tours overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan. She is currently assigned as an Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA) with Alaskan Command. Katie is attempting to become the first Soldier to compete internationally since the 1952 Olympics. Her partner, Horatio, is a 2004 Trakehner, and together they plan to debut in the Spring of 2018 at Prix St. George. Check out what Katie had to say about her Obrigado. "Congrats to Schleese Saddlery Service for 30 years (Jeeze, that's almost as old as I am!!) of wonderful service to horses and their riders. I'm proud to ride in Schleese, and can't wait to get my new Obrigado! You are constantly taking Horatio and I to the next level, and I'm so thankful that you're in my life. How weird is this?!? I'm pretty much expressing my love for a saddle maker/fitter(s?) in public.

Jochen, thinking of you - hope you are doing well - remember when I stopped you in the barn at Coto de Caza a couple of years ago, going on about how much of a fan I was of you? Probably not - but that's just because I stopped short of asking you to sign my saddle, I'm sure :) Connie and Mark Frantzke what can I say? You've believed in me from the moment we met, and your visits are highlights! You are wonderful people with an amazing way of looking at life. Thank you for your friendship - it means the world to me! My fellow dressage enthusiast, Frank, said it best in regards to the Obrigado, "I thought there was no way any other saddle could be more comfortable than my first Schleese, but then, incredibly, it was!" <-----my exact experience! Do you know what Obrigado means? (Not you, Schleese peeps, the public) It means Thank you, in Portuguese! Well, OBRIGADO, SCHLEESE! OBRIGADO! Congrats again - I'm taking this Saddlefit 4 Life and turning it into a Customer4Life." Check out Katie's thank you video!

— Katie Ferencik - Tucson, AZ

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