3-Day Saddle Fitting with Jochen Schleese & Caroline Lindsay – N. Hertfordshire, U.K.

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June 8, 2017


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3 Day Saddle Fitting with Jochen Schleese & Caroline Lindsay

Dane’s End, Stevenage, North Hertfordshire UK
August 4-6, 2017  

A unique 3 day presentation.  World renowned saddle fitter and Certified Master Saddler Jochen Schleese, author of Suffering In Silence: The Saddle Fit Link to Physical and Psychological Trauma in Horses, will join forces with veterinary physiotherapist, Caroline Lindsay, for a very special presentation aimed at equine therapists that will focus on a ‘welfare fit’ of horse, rider and saddle combination.  Jochen will be taking us to a higher level of understanding in saddle fit than is currently readily available to equine therapists.  His saddle fitting concepts will cover functional anatomy of both horse and rider, saddle design, static and dynamic fit and what is necessary to carry out a saddle fit assessment to incorporate consideration of biomechanics and physiology.

Caroline will be covering when not to fit a saddle, in terms of how we can recognize when a horse needs ‘pre’ habilitation as well as rehabilitation in preparation for riding.  Practical static core strengthening exercises and simple yet highly effective spinal mobilizations will be demonstrated, together with some simple tests to evaluate the horse’s back strength.  Exercise prescription focusing on the back will be covered.  The session will be a mix of classroom and practical and you will be introduced to some deeply thought provoking concepts as well as frank and open discussions relating to saddle fitting for performance and the all too frequent lack of it and what we as therapists can do about it.

“These are the kinds of courses that will change the course of saddle fitting in the industry. The more aware that riders are of the issues facing them and their horses, the more the demand will grow for regulation and education,” says Schleese. 

A very special bonus for attendees is that Jochen’s phase will represent the pre-requisite 2 day course, at this very special price, which is a mandatory part of continuing with the Equine Ergonomist 5 day certification course, for those who wish to advance their knowledge further with Jochen after the introductory presentation.  Every attendee will receive a copy of his best-selling DVD “Beyond the 9 points of saddle fit” as a special gift.

Cost is £295 ($385US) for all three days – this link is for the deposit of £75 ($100US) – balance of £220 ($285US) to be paid on the day in cash. Includes course materials, complimentary DVDs, refreshments and lunch.

Jochen Schleese is a certified Master Saddler and Saddle Ergonomist and Caroline Lindsay is a qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist and Master Saddle Fitting Consultant (MSFC) as well as RAMP registered. 

Seminar/Workshop presented and demonstrated by Caroline Lindsay:
Theme: Saddle fitting from the perspective of a veterinary physiotherapist qualified to fit saddles.
Functional and dysfunctional anatomy of the equine back.
Assessing the fitting ‘real estate’.
How to check fit and signs of poor fit – behavioural and ridden.
Use of various saddle pads and girthing.
Prehabilitation and rehabilitation of the equine back.
Exercise Prescription.
Core strengthening exercises.

Theory and Demo with Jochen Schleese:
Theory will cover basic anatomy of horse and rider, saddle support area, ‘reflex’ points resulting in negative behavior, 9 points of saddle fit
Consideration of Gender in determining saddle fit
Philosophy of Saddlefit 4 Life, brief intro to historical and technological perspectives of the industry
Demo will include chalk drawings on the horse, demonstration of the 9 points of saddle fit to horse and rider, and aspects of static and dynamic saddle fit

Full information about Caroline Lindsay can be found here: www.perfectmovementsolutions.com
Further information about Jochen Schleese can be found here: www.saddlesforwomen.com

Formulated for equine therapists, vets and veterinary nurses. Students of manual therapy, saddle fitters and other equine paraprofessionals are of course most welcome.
Book early to secure your place. These sessions typically sell out same day.
Participants must bring suitable footwear. No trainers.
18 hours CPD – attendance certificates given.

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