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Sheridan – All Around

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At Schleese Saddlery we recognize the unique physiology of female riders focusing on our mission as the female saddle specialist.

As stated by our founder, Jochen Schleese, “In a world that has historically had a ‘one size fits all’ mentality, our hand constructed well appointed, superior quality western saddle is the only brand that ensures maximum comfort and performance custom made for female riders – achieving the perfect partnership between horse and rider for the ultimate riding experience”.

We accomplish this through unparalleled craftsmanship, world-class experience, and superior fitting practices.  Our infinitely adjustable saddles are designed for the female physiology, creating truly life-changing comfort and responsiveness.

Sheridan – All Around

The Sheridan has been created to fill a high demand for a traditional and economically priced all-around western saddle. To keep things simple, we have opted for a standard hind cinch and standard western rigging with a traditional ranch style appearance.  The Sheridan features our industry leading adjustability for the horse and rider, it is lightweight and comfortable and allows the rider the option to adjust one’s own saddle anywhere anytime, on your own or with the support of one of our fully certified CSE’s.

The Sheridan Western saddle has a number of benefits:

Advantages of our Sheridan Saddle

Features for Optimum fit for your Horse

Benefits for the Rider

Custom-fit for a woman’s anatomy Adjustable panel fitting elements to fit every horse and can be refit to the horse as it changes and develops Adjustable seat balance to accommodate different body types
Infinitely adjustable for both horse and rider Western AdapTree® that flexes with the lateral movement of the horse Interchangeable and adjustable Western/English rigging system
Maximum comfort A wide channel for spinal clearance to promote back health Adjustable stirrup bars to accommodate different body types
Injury prevention Large weight-bearing bars for added support allowing freedom of movement Your choice of sheepskin, leather, and wool felt panel fitting elements


Sheridan Western Saddle Options

Schleese Logo Western Saddle Covers
Western saddle covers available $59.00.





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Weight 24-28 lbs

Seat designed for the Female Pelvic Axis.


15.0", 16.0"


Includes 1 Set of 4 foam seat inserts that you can use to personally customize the comfort of your own saddle seat.


Latigo Rigging System. Choice of Black or Dark Brown.


Standard Wool Felt with inserts – 1 Package includes 14 pieces of Fitting Felt Panel inserts.
Additional sets are available for $350/set (your choice from the 3 options:
1. Wool Felt with inserts
2. Natural Sheepskin with inserts
3. Leather with inserts


Combination of premium European soft Leather or suede (seat only) and traditional high quality western-style leather.


Dark Brown, Black, Suede Dark Brown, Suede Black


Dark Brown, Natural-Tan, Black


Star Range, Celtic Knot, Barbed Flower, Brass Shoe


Brass D-Ring, Silver Nickel D-Ring, Schleese Plate


Standard Short – 14", Regular 16", X-Short – 12"


Lightweight Polyurethane covered with leather. If you have not chosen a tooling option on your saddle, the irons will be covered in plain leather. If you have chosen a 'border' tooling option on your saddle, the irons will be covered in the same pattern.


Basket Weave, Floral


Hind Cinch ring attachment included.
Latigo, off-billet and keepers sold separately.


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