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  • Used – LightFlight XC-17.5″ – 19158S0618

    $5,495.00 Contact Us
  • Sale! Obrigado Plus - 78079S1117

    Used – Obrigado-18″ MonoFlap – 78079S1117

    $5,795.00 $5,495.00 Contact Us
  • Sale! LightFlight-17" - 19474S1118

    Used – LightFlight-17″ – 19474S1118

    $5,995.00 $5,395.00 Contact Us
  • Used – Eagle XC – 18″ – 66652S0813 (New Upgraded Panel)

    $3,590.00 Contact Us

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I just want to write and thank you and your company again for the generous gift of a custom made saddle. We were all so excited when we found out that we were getting a Schleese saddle. Hemi is the recipient of the beautiful custom fitting saddle. He is a very special horse. He is a 17.1 hh Oldenburg gelding with a heart of gold. Everyone who comes on the property falls in love with him. He follows people around like a puppy dog and loves to cuddle, blow on your neck or lick your face. Hemi has a very special job. He is a lesson horse for riders of a variety of ages and abilities. Because of his gentle nature, he is perfect for riders with various needs. He stands perfectly still while beginner adults learn to groom. His current riders include a 16-year-old young man with Autism, a father of 4 children (2 of whom have Autism), an Occupational Therapist (who wrote the letter recommending Hemi for the saddle) and a single Mom who recently lost her Mother to cancer. I also enjoy riding Hemi because he always tries his hardest to please and to learn. We do some low level Dressage and jumping. The saddle that Hemi won has made life much better for him and for his riders. We had had a difficult time finding a saddle that fit Hemi because of his up-hill build and asymmetric shape. Saddles always slipped back and to the right. This saddle stays in place on him. In the past, Hemi indicated that he was uncomfortable in various saddles we tried by pinning his ears back when asked to canter. He happily picks up a canter for all of his riders now. In the past, riders had a hard time finding their position and learning to post because saddles on Hemi placed their legs too far forward. They find it very easy to keep their legs in the correct position with this saddle. I am very impressed with the beautiful workmanship and the fantastic fit of this saddle. Next time I buy a saddle for my own horse, I will definitely be looking for a Schleese. Thank you so much.

— Cynthia Andrews, EC Competition Coach, CanTRA Senior Instructor, Elk View Equestrian Head Instructor and Facility Owner, Chilliwack, BC

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