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Adelante – Working Equitation Saddle

$4,995.00 CAD$5,490.00 CAD

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ah-deh-lahn-teh – ‘is a Spanish word meaning forward’

The Adelante, is our premier working equitation saddle which combines a superior fit for horse and rider for which Schleese is known for and with the comfort and function of a saddle designed specifically for Working Equitation. It features a deep and balanced seat for a secure feel for all four of the exciting trials of Working Equitation: Dressage, Ease of Handling, Speed and Cattle. Whether performing a dressage test or riding a course of obstacles in the field, the saddle provides the ultimate stability that a ‘WE’ (Working Equitation) rider needs to perform at any level.  

The interchangeable thigh blocks accommodate rider preferences to make this a truly comfortable working and performance saddle for every Working Equitation enthusiast.  There is a choice of either a 3/4 Equitation or 1/2 Equitation thigh block.

It is beautifully crafted with practical details including a crupper attachment and “D” rings, and embellished with decorative Conchos for added style in the competition arena. 

Adelante Working Equitation Saddle

Glamour Options Now Available:
Colour Stitching | Colour Welting
Tooling | Back of Flap and Half Moon

Play Video about Adelante with Tooling Options
Weight 19.0 lbs

Premium European Soft Leather


Black, Brown


16.5, 17.0", 17.5", 18.0", 18.5"


The narrow twist allows the rider’s leg to fall and hang naturally providing close contact with the horse's flanks.


Includes extended stirrup bars for correct alignment, crotch comfort for pubic area comfort, and a wide seat to accommodate the female pelvis.


Double Flap


The integrated 3/4 panel is wool flocked for easy adjustments to your horse's back. It comes with a Relief Wedge and is also available with either a high wedge, short wedge or a short high wedge with a wide channel to ensure freedom for the horse's spine.


NO, YES $495


The versatile adjustable V-Webbing billet system allows for correct billet alignment and equal pull throughout the length of the tree. The 1st billet is off the point with option to 'Cross Billets'.


Standard 3/4 Equitation Thigh Block, 1/2 Equitation Thigh Block


Available Options: Colour Stitching, Colour Welting, Back of Flap Tooling, 1/2 Moon Tooling
All options are at an additional cost.


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