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TruForm Fitting Pad Inserts Set

$150.00 CAD

TruForm font Fitting Pad Inserts by Schleese. Print Fitting Pad Guide.

Are you in need of an extra set of fitting inserts?  We have them available as a 10 item package.
The Schleese TruForm Fitting Pad offers custom fit in order to maximize comfort and correct fit to the horse, with 10 shimming options that allow for flexibility when adjusting your saddle. The Saddle Support Area (SSA) Inserts are used as the weight bearing surface. The weight of the saddle and the rider
is placed across the inserts and evenly distributed across the horse’s SSA. Poron™ shock absorbing foam is utilized in the hybrid panels, and is now included inside the TruForm Fitting Pad for additional flexible cushioning. This foam has a unique open cell structure that provides excellent resistance to compression
and delivers superior shock absorption, impact protection, high resiliency and vibration damping. The blue felt (soft) Fitting Inserts are used as the primary fitting and lifting inserts when adjusting your TruForm Fitting Pad. In the case that your horse requires additional lift, such as a horse with a sway back,
the white felt (firm) Lifting Inserts are to be utilized.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 22.86 × 15.24 × 15.24 cm


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