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The OBRIGADO - Schleese's Latest Addition to Their Line of Popular Dressage Saddles - Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

December 9th, 2012

Schleese is pleased to announce the latest addition to our stable of dressage saddles – The “Obrigado”.  Schleese’s newest best-seller allows every rider to feel the breathing of the horse, with the horse moving as freely as if he were not under saddle! The Obrigado provides several unique features benefiting horse and rider. Built on a modified AdapTree®, the Obrigado offers the most extreme shoulder freedom for the horse, with the softest seat in the dressage industry! Available in a standard monoflap, many options truly customize this innovative saddle for both horse and rider.

Jochen Schleese received inspiration for the Obrigado when he was a guest lecturer at the Veterinary Conference in Sao Paulo Brazil in Sept 2011. After teaching a Saddlefit 4 Life® Professional Symposium Jochen had the opportunity to do Saddlefit 4 Life® Diagnostic Evaluations for some of the most beautiful Lusitano horses in Brazil. As everyone watched the Lusitano experience total freedom of movement for the first time in a properly fitted saddle, one of the trainers said to Jochen that he felt the horse was saying “thank you” to him (Obrigado meaning “thank you” in Portuguese).  The results using a properly fitted Schleese saddle were almost unbelievable to trainers, veterinarians and riders attending!

We invite you to visit for pictures and features of the Obrigado. Suggested retail price: $6995. Please contact: to find locations where you can test ride the Obrigado!

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"There are some great horse videos on YouTube, some educational, fun and some downright scary. Here's one of my favs...actually it's a channel by Schleese Saddlery Service. Schleese is a master saddler very much in demand in North America and Europe. This is an excellent channel that explains many facets of fitting English saddles to horse and rider. There's a great video about fitting saddles to women’s' conformation".  Schleese on YouTube! "2writenride" posting from Discussion Board 03/01/10

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