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The Northwest Horse Fair and Expo in Oregon

April 18th, 2012

Certified Equine Ergonomist Jochen Schleese was a featured clinician at the recent NW Horse Fair and Expo held in Albany, OR from March 23-25.  Now focusing on building his newly established Saddlefit 4 Life® network of equine professionals, Jochen teaches principles to protect horse and rider from pain and long term damage to riders, horse owners and professionals across North America.

Lisa Pitts, a director of the Horse Expo, comments on the tremendous response to Jochen’s presentations “They LOVED him! We have had other saddle fit clinicians in the past and feedback from those watching the presentation was that the clinician was there mostly to sell their brand of saddles.  This was not the case with Mr. Schleese.  His website states that his passion is teaching and that is truly evident when you talk with him in person or listen to his presentations.  Mr. Schleese presented seminars and demonstrations to standing room only crowds Friday, Saturday and Sunday – with many people taking the opportunity to listen to multiple presentations over the weekend, and his booth was always busy with people wanting more information. Many attendees took the time to stop by the information booth or email following the event to share comments.”

Some would state “I didn’t know what I didn’t know” or “He gives so much great information I had to see him again to get it all”.  One of our attendees wrote “Jochen Schleese was incredibly knowledgeable, humorous and genuine.  Most importantly, he is a very effective communicator!  I had not planned to attend his seminar, since I had seen another presentation listed in the program that appealed to me, but at the last minute I got curious and changed my mind.  I am so glad I did!  I learned so much and have literally put that information to use in my life already.”

Pitts states, “Not only was Mr. Schleese a hit with our attendees, but he was truly a delight to work with from the management standpoint.  We look forward to having Mr. Schleese return in 2013.”

Jochen teaches Saddlefit 4 Life® at trade fairs, equine universities and institutions, also in seminars and professional certification workshops.   See Jochen’s comical side  in “Red Shoes and Saddle Fitting” on You Tube!

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I have a 12 year old Pura Raza Espanol (PRE) horse who has proved to be a real challenge to fit saddle-wise. He is classically Baroque in shape with a short back, big shoulders, wide chest, and thick muscled mutton withers that have been the downfall of two saddles. After I noticed the deterioration of his back muscles I tried adjusting his current saddle to no avail. I had seen Jochen Schleeses videos online about saddle fit and how he developed the Obrigado saddle. I understood everything the Lusitano breeder mentioned in the video had been explaining to him. I was fairly certain that was the saddle for me so spoke to a number of women in my barn who ride in the Schleese saddles for feedback. After listening to the fourth woman rave excitedly about her Schleese saddle (my inquiries included an equine message therapist who owns a mare from the same breeder as my guy and rides in the Obrigado) I called for a fitting hoping for miracles. It was pretty close to that. Natalie put a 17.5" Obrigado on my fellow, which was ½ inch smaller than my other saddles. She assured me I wouldn’tt feel the pressure on my pelvis that always caused me to go with the 18"seat. The funniest thing was my horse’s expression. As we tightened the girth he turned and looked at me as if to say, "Hey what is this? It feels different." I got on and yes, there was a miracle. Or as close to one as one could get having a horse go from stiff on the bit and hollow through the body, to yielding in all places, rounding into contact and actually executing a 10 metre volte softly with no resistance. The counter canter no longer felt like I was seated on a whirling blender, with my horse twisting wildly under me as we came around corners. The canter was up in front and I started exclaiming about my new horse! Perhaps the biggest reveal for me was when I dismounted. For the first time in 2 ½ years I got out of the saddle with no pain in my lower back or left hip. My legs weren’tt even stiff. The saddle literally corrected my posture each time I felt myself slipping. It helped me regain that three point seat they all rave about in the books and there was no constant dragging my legs back to get them into position. I could not believe the fit of a saddle could make such a difference not only for my horse but for me as a 5'3" petite woman. I actually apologized to my horse for putting him through two bad fitting saddles. He is a very charitable fellow so I think he forgave me.

— Kelly Buziak - Edmonton, Alberta

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