Jochen Schleese teaching in Brazil for the 4th time!

Jochen Schleese teaching in Brazil for the 4th time!
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Certified Master Saddler and Saddle Ergonomist Jochen Schleese was invited to Brazil once again to present a training session for veterinarians and other equine professionals in Sao Paulo Brazil Sept 4-11.  Saddlefit 4 Life established its South American training facility in 2012 together with Davi Carrano (head trainer at the Lusitano Association) and  veterinarians  Dr. Solange Mikail and  Dr. Luciana Kratschmer  (who is working towards her certification as a Saddle Ergonomist to train other equine professionals in Brazil). Dr. Mikail and Davi Carrano first met Jochen in 2010 at the WEGs in Kentucky and were interested in the philosophy of Saddlefit 4 Life. Davi was instrumental in the design of the popular Schleese Obrigado saddle (Obrigado means ‘thank you’ in Portuguese).
During this trip, Jochen had the opportunity to experience a ride on the Brazilian horse breed (“Mangalarga Marchador”) which are unique Iberian horses descended from Portuguese Lusitano stallions and Barb mares. They are valued for their beauty, intelligence, disposition and smooth gaits. Mangalarga Marchadors have four gaits: walk, canter and two natural, ambling gaits—the diagonal batida and the lateral picada. They are noted for their endurance and versatility in a number of disciplines. One of Jochen’s next saddle designs will be made specifically for these beautiful horses!


Saddlefit 4 Life® is a global network of equine professionals working together to protect horse and rider from long term back damage. S4L educational programs and certification courses are held throughout North America, Europe and Brazil.  Jochen Schleese’s first book (now in its second printing) “Suffering in Silence: The Saddle Fit Link to Physical and Psychological Trauma in Horses”, is available from Horseand RIderBooksetc. and through in hard cover or e-format.  800-225-2242
 Jochen Schleese graduated from Passier as a Certified Master Saddler and came to Canada in 1986 to establish and register the trade of saddlery in North America, operating the only authorized saddlery training facility in Ontario. Schleese Saddlery Service is the world leading manufacturer of saddles designed for women, specializing in the unique anatomical requirements of female riders. Schleese authorized representatives provide diagnostic saddle fit analysis and saddle fitting services across North America to maintain optimal saddle fit to horse and rider.