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Saddle Fitting Sessions - Texas (Houston, San Antonio and Austin)

September 7th, 2017 - September 14th, 2017 | Texas (Houston, San Antonio and Austin areas)


Sept. 7- 8 – Austin area locations to be confirmed
Sept. 9 (am) – Austin area
Sept. 9 (pm) – Diamond M Dressage Park – Marion
Sept. 10 – Wind Rush Farm – Adkins
Sept. 11 – Paragon Farm – Conroe
Sept. 12 (am) – Hasseman Dressage – Tomball
Sept. 12 (pm) – Stone Farm – Cypress
Sept. 13 (am) – Isabella Farm – Cypress
Sept. 13 (pm) – Hearthstone – Houston
Sept. 14 (am) – Twinwood – Simonton
Sept. 14 (pm) – Diamond B Ranch – Alvin

All locations will be confirmed after the deadline to register has passed based on the registrations received.

To schedule an appointment for this trip with our Certified Saddle Fitter Natalie Sauner and Client Services Manager Erica Spencer-Aulie, please register online below. For further information, please contact our trip coordinator Linda at 800-225-2242 X 32 or email

Registration and Payment Required.
Registration Deadline: Aug 18th

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Today is Mister’s one year anniversary with his Schleese saddle. It has been a tremendous year with ups-and-downs. He has gone through such enormous changes that his body couldn’tt handle it. But when we found out how to handle it or what the solution should be, he was able to do what we never expected. He changed especially at his shoulders and in the curvature of his back. Mister’s body changed under the HK. But what he does under the Obrigado is beyond any expectation. All his life he has been a horse running away, off the hind leg, being so hotand sensitive it was often almost impossible to ride him. Although he improved in his stature and in his rideability, these characteristics stayed. So we thought it was due to the long term damage he has, or maybe it is also part of his character. And then we started riding with the Obrigado. But did you expect that he would change within 3 days (I’m not kidding!) into a horse that does not run away anymore at all, that uses the hind leg not only in forward motion, but he brakes on the hind leg now. Sometimes even too much, then it’s almost a sliding stop. He is able to get on the hind leg and at the same time lower his neck. I can ride him now, instead of being that mosquito hitch-hiking on his back. The biggest gift is this: he can do piaffe under the Obrigado. It is not steady yet, I do not expect that either. It has only been three weeks riding like this now. But what was never accomplished, although trying for years and years of training with well-known trainers, turned out not to be a very hard job at all. They were just in need of the right saddle. So this is what happens with an older horse. Mister is 20 years old.

— Aimée Albers - Holland

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