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Saddle Fitting Sessions - Ohio - Illinois - Kentucky (Finalized Schedule)

November 19th, 2019 - November 26th, 2019 | Ohio-Kentucky-Illinois

Schedule Finalized Nov 13th

Nov. 19- start @ 9 am – Equestrian Events – Maple Park, IL
Nov. 19- start @ 11:30 am – On Eagles Wings – Kirkland, IL
Nov. 19- start @ 5:00 pm – Baythorne – Sugar Grove, IL

Nov. 20- start @ 9 am – Blue Moon Farm – Sheridan, IL
Nov. 20- start @ 1:00 pm – Uni Sun Farm – Homer Glen, IL
Nov. 20- start @ 3:30 pm – Oak Hill Ranch – Lockport, IL

Nov. 21 @ 9 am – Grazeland – Manhattan, IL
Nov. 21 – LECTURE @ 6 pm – Graham Ranch – Springfield, IL

Nov. 22 – start @ 1:00 pm – Tuckaway Farm – Prospect, KY
Nov. 22 – start @ 4:00 pm – Finally Home Farm – Lexington, KY

Nov. 23- start @ 9 am – Champagne Run – Lexington, KY
Nov. 23 – start @ 1:00 pm – Private location – Richmond, KY

Nov. 24 – start @ 8 am – Dancing Horse Farm – Lebanon, OH
Nov. 24 – start @ 12:30 pm – Masterfare Equine – Johnstown, OH
Nov. 24- start @ 3:30 pm – Whispering Meadows Farm – Johnstown, OH

Nov. 25- start @ 9 am – Windy Hills – Athens, OH
Nov. 25- start @ 4:30 pm – Freedom Horse Farm – Valley City, OH

Nov. 26- start @ 9 am – Private location – Ravenna, OH
Nov. 26- start @ 12:30 pm – Fair Weather Farm – Chagrin Falls, OH
Nov. 26- start @ 3:30 pm – Legacy Equestrian – Chesterland, OH

To schedule an appointment for this trip with our Certified Saddle Fitters Nigel Potts and Linda Haughton CSM, please register online below. For further information, please contact our trip coordinator Linda at 800-225-2242 X 32 or email

Registration and Payment Required for saddle fitting appointments.
Registration Deadline: Oct. 25, 2019


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Dear Jochan Schleese and Staff, I am very grateful for what you have done and can’t begin to thank you enough for all your patience, wise council, good humor and support.  Your team has always been reliable, approachable, efficient and knowledgeable. I have found your entire group to be professional and proficient in all aspects of your work.  You are supportive and empowering, allowing me to excel in the things I love most.   I really appreciate all of your encouragement and guidance every step of the way. As always, I am impressed with every encounter and personal service your company has offered.  I will forever be grateful for the way you have personally dealt with me, my horses, and all of my concerns.  You have provided us with such great appeal, dedication, creativity, exceptional skills and an amazing ability to connect with your clients!  The service and personal attention is extraordinary! Your timing and quality have always met my expectations and your communication is always done in a professional manner.  You have proven to be creative in problem resolution and overall consistent in meeting our expectations.  The work was above and beyond what I could have expected.  I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with the level of detail that comes with your experience.  Many thanks for all you do, your help, advice, and for looking after us.  Without this we would be at a complete loss.  I am so very thankful for being chosen to win your 30-year anniversary saddle.  Our rescued horses have made such a drastic improvement since riding in your saddles! I look forward to many more years working with you. Sincerely, Melissa Verga Harris

— Melissa Verga Harris - Hudson, FL

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