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Saddle Stitch News - 10/04/2018

October 11th, 2018

Saddle Stitch: Your Monthly Internal Schleese News & Updates


Saddlefit4Life Class of 2018!

Huge congratulations to the 8 graduating students of the S4L Certified Equine Ergonomist Course! We are so proud of their hard work and dedication and welcome them to the Global Network of Equine Professionals.
View more photos from the graduation ceremony in the “Closing Stitches” section below.

SFT Spotlight

This month’s featured Saddle Fit Technician is Murielle Richard-Price. Murielle is a Certified Equine Ergonomist, a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner and a commercial pilot. Murielle has taken many courses in equine anatomy, equine and seat Biomechanics, bodywork, veterinary acupressure, osteopathy and saddle fit. Murielle is an accomplished Dressage rider and comes from a family of equestrians. Being from France, Murielle has had to be near horses for as long as she can remember. She has done it all, from riding bareback with a pack of wild girls over the hills of her California neighborhood, and in France riding the old fashioned way, strict “no stirrup-no reins” lunging lessons, and traditional stag hunts. Murielle is based in Northern California and is the lucky mom of 3 wonderful kids.
View Murielle’s full bio on our website:

Featured Schleese Ambassador

This month’s featured Ambassador is Edie Tarves.

“I have been riding in Schleese Saddles since 2007. My life changed from that day!
Schleese Saddles have transformed my training and coaching. The comfort, balance, and support these saddles give me, on the flat and over fences are wonderful!
I am very confident in the product and stand behind them 100%.  My students and their horses also reap the benefits of these fabulous saddles. My horses are pain-free and able to train and learn with no restrictions from ill-fitting tack. They are able to reach their maximum potential. At the end of the day, knowing I will be pain-free speaks volumes. As an “Event Rider” I spend a lot of hours in the saddle. THANK YOU to EVERYONE in the SCHLEESE TEAM for keeping me and my students so well outfitted.” -Edie Tarves
Most recently Edie has been test-riding Schleese’s new “LightFlight” saddle stating “this saddle affords me the ultimate close contact feel and lets my horse move with wonderful freedom! “

Check out Edie’s full biography and testimonial on our website. Link below.

Rider Testimonial:

Before getting my custom fitted Schleese saddle, my mare, Rubi, was experiencing back problems. Being gray and close to the blood, she’s a very sensitive horse and the slightest saddle misfit translates into major skin irritation and hollowing/twisting of the back. After riding her in a Schleese saddle for a year, including a demanding show season, her back is now perfect! With her back being stronger and freer, her canter is also more powerful. I’m so grateful for Jochen’s master skills as a saddle fitter and biomechanics expert: a lot of knowledge goes into these precise fittings. A special thank you to everyone involved in customer service, you really make us feel like you care and understand and are always trying to help.
A big thank you from both Rubi and I.
-Melanie Bourque – Quebec, Canada
Read the full testimonial on our website:

Where is Jochen?

September has been a busy month for Jochen, with part 2 of his New England trip keeping him busy at the start of September; a very successful S4L training week in Ontario with some really AWESOME people seguing into an ISWF clinic with Odia, and then flying over to Europe. Jochen gave a consolidated two-day Course 1 in the UK at the Equine College in Doncaster (which promises to be a great contact!), a keynote speech at the IAAT AGM (International Association of Animal Therapists annual general meeting), and then off to Germany to train his saddle ergonomists there. October will see him back home for Thanksgiving weekend, after which he is here for almost two weeks and will spend the time working with Sonja to put together some new and exciting educational videos for our social media. On October 18 our managers will be joining as at the Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards, where we are up for Innovation of the Year Award. Jochen won Entrepreneur of the Year here in 2014, so it’s time for us to win again!

Immediately thereafter Jochen leaves for his last trip to California this year to do his CNDC trip, which will take him pretty much to the end of the month.
Happy Hallowe’en to everyone!

Quote of the Month


Closing Stitches

Schleese Conference at Head Office

Check out these great photos from the conference held at the Schleese headquarters earlier this month.

ISWF Training Session – Ontario, Canada

Check out these great photos from the Independent Schleese Western Fitter Training course that took place in Ontario Canada September 12-19th!

Saddlefit4Life Course – Doncaster, England

Check out these great photos from the Saddlefit4Life course that took place in Doncaster, England September 25-26th!

Saddlefit4Life Certification Ceremony – Ontario, Canada

Take a look at these great photos from the Saddlefit4Life certification ceremony held in Ontario, Canada this month. These 8 wonderful students came from all across Canada, the US and even as far as Norway! Congratulations to class of 2018- welcome to the Global Network of Equine Professionals!

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I write to extend my gratitude once again and express my pleasure in meeting Jochen Schleese and Christiane Noelting this last weekend (March 8) at the Schleese clinic at Los Lagos. I was thoroughly impressed by the personable yet professional manner in which they conducted the saddle evaluation and fitting process. My beloved mare Greta and I have endured quite a journey from injury to recovery and have struggled to progress in training. I had suspected but am now thoroughly convinced that my current saddle is a major obstacle to that progression. Riding in the Obrigado was nothing short of liberating. I now humbly acknowledge that I have been riding in a poorly suited saddle but I am also redeemed that we were able to demonstrate that we are capable of so much more in our riding (during the test ride). It is quite evident that Jochen has a solid understanding of equine and human anatomy and biomechanics and that this serves as the foundation upon which this tremendous line of saddles is based. It was such a transformation between the two rides. Christiane gave great care and attention to Greta and me in schooling us during the test ride and did so freely. I anticipate that this is not part of the standard process and so I wanted to ensure that you all knew how appreciative I was that she took the time to share her expertise. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and philosophy.

— Shannon R. Murphy, PhD - Elverta, California

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