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Saddle Stitch News - 06/01/2018

June 1st, 2018

Saddle Stitch: Your Monthly Internal Schleese News & Updates


Featured Schleese Ambassador

This month’s featured Ambassador is Martha Wunder!

“I have been a Schleese client for over 10 years.  I was first introduced to Schleese by a dressage friend, who convinced me to purchase a saddle for my spindly little TB gelding at the time.  After six months in his custom Schleese saddle, he was no longer spindly!  He developed muscle and movement that I had not thought possible and his overall comfort and soundness were vastly improved.  Needless to say, I was hooked and every event horse I’ve owned since has been fitted with a Schleese saddle!  Schleese truly puts the horse’s comfort and performance front and center.  When the horse is free to move and use his body without pain or hindrance, the benefits are endless.  He won’t be compensating and overloading his joints.  Resistance behaviors are diminished.  Your horse will enjoy his work and be able to reach his full potential.  Schleese is also constantly developing new and better technologies, allowing their clients to take advantage of the most cutting-edge saddles available.   If you want a saddle that is truly customized for you and your horse AND will be able to change and adapt as your horse develops, Schleese is your answer!” -Martha

Rider Testimonial:

“Ever since sitting in my new Schleese Triumph saddle for the first time in March 2018 I’ve wanted to write a testimonial of the  significant changes that have taken place in my riding and how my horses are going. I felt the changes immediately when I test rode the Triumph. Both of my horses I mainly ride are 14.1 and 14.3 hands, have short backs and small saddle support areas. I was thrilled to know there was a saddle that fit us all. So many dressage saddles I saw advertised were designed for large, wide backs which wasn’t going to work for my Spanish Barbs. Think small Lusitano type build. Within the first 5 minutes, literally, of riding in my new Triumph, my horses back came up right under my seat, his trot easily became loftier and lighter than ever before. For me, I realized in another 5 minutes, I could focus more on my horse now and not on trying to retain a certain position. Unbeknownst to me I had been using a lot of focus on my position and where all my body parts needed to be. I have struggled to hold my leg underneath me for as long as I can remember, but a few laps around the arena I didn’t have to even think about my position any longer and could just focus on how my horse felt. I just fell into place. You can probably imagine how happy that made my horse! Happy horse, happy human! 
Over the last 6 weeks I have made such progress in my development as a rider  and my horse has progressed just as quickly. It has given me confidence which has filtered over to my horses. This last week I spent 4 days away taking lessons with an international Working Equitation judge and competed in my first Working Equitation show. I felt like I have never ridden so well and my horse has never been so on the aids and happy in his work. I can honestly say I believe the changes all have to do with my new saddle. Both physical and mental. I have to mention as well that I had glamour options of a tooled half moon and carmel colored welting added which I love! The Schleese saddle pad which came with my saddle is my favorite pad and I plan on ordering more. The saddle is a piece of art in my opinion. I ride proudly in it. I have now convinced two of my students to attend fitting clinics this month. I am a believer of Schleese and all that the company has to offer. Attached is a photo of myself and my horse Morado from our recent lesson trip. Thank you for providing such a great product!


-Stephanie Lockhart, Johnson, VT
Read the full testimonial on our website:

Where is Jochen?

May was an exciting month for Jochen, with trips to the UK (another Caroline Lindsay course) and then a one day course in Sweden with our rep there – Ulrika Soederberg. She did an amazing job on organizing over 60 people to attend Jochen’s lecture and has already invited him back for a full Equine Ergonomist course in May 2019!
Jochen was back just in time for his and Sabine’s 33rd wedding anniversary on the 17th (one day!) and then left with Odia for the Gerd Heuschmann clinic in Wellborn Florida. The last weekend of the month he went to Armand Valkenbourg’s place in Quebec before spending a few days at home.
June 1 brings him to CNDC for the second clinic there this year; after coming back on the redeye to arrive June 17 he leaves on the 20th to go to Russia with friends to attend the Soccer World Cup for a couple of weeks! He returns just in time for his birthday July 8!

June Birthdays 

This month we are wishing Connie (4th) a very happy birthday!

Quote of the Month


Closing Stitches

S4L at College of West Anglia in Cambridge, UK.
Check out these photos from S4L’s presentation at the Cambridge Campus in England. Jochen discussed “The Myth of Saddle Fitting”.

S4L Course in Linkoping, Sweden

Check out these great photos from the S4L course held in Linkoping earlier this month.
Our First Facebook LiveStream
Last Thursday, Jochen filmed his very first Facebook Livestream event, featuring Miriam, in which he discussed rider weight and the importance of a gender appropriate saddle. The video performed well live, but exceeded expectations after it was published for later view. It reached over 16K and received 7.5K video views, 3K link clicks and over 600 reaction, comments and shares.
Click the link below to visit the post on Facebook:
Biomechanic Symposium in Wellborn, FL
Schleese was proud to sponsor this past weekend at the Biomechanics Symposium in Wellborn, FL.
The clinic featured lectures by a veterinarian, as well as Jean Brinkman and Patty Gergen who discussed Bemers, alongside Jochen who educated the attendees on biomechanics and gender appropriate saddle fit.
Schleese raffled off a saddle pad, a DVD and a copy of his book (Suffering in Silence) as well as a lungeing cavesson designed the featured veterinarian (who also wrote the forward in Jochen’s book).
Huge thank you to Andrea Haller for organizing and Cathy Willson at Magnolia Farms for having us at her beautiful farm. Thanks to Dana Jo Fitch who rode in Schleese as well as all the other riders that attended the clinic!
Schleese SFTs and BDs on the road!
Check out these fun photos from some of our SFTs and BDs while on the road!

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Today is Mister’s one year anniversary with his Schleese saddle. It has been a tremendous year with ups-and-downs. He has gone through such enormous changes that his body couldn’tt handle it. But when we found out how to handle it or what the solution should be, he was able to do what we never expected. He changed especially at his shoulders and in the curvature of his back. Mister’s body changed under the HK. But what he does under the Obrigado is beyond any expectation. All his life he has been a horse running away, off the hind leg, being so hotand sensitive it was often almost impossible to ride him. Although he improved in his stature and in his rideability, these characteristics stayed. So we thought it was due to the long term damage he has, or maybe it is also part of his character. And then we started riding with the Obrigado. But did you expect that he would change within 3 days (I’m not kidding!) into a horse that does not run away anymore at all, that uses the hind leg not only in forward motion, but he brakes on the hind leg now. Sometimes even too much, then it’s almost a sliding stop. He is able to get on the hind leg and at the same time lower his neck. I can ride him now, instead of being that mosquito hitch-hiking on his back. The biggest gift is this: he can do piaffe under the Obrigado. It is not steady yet, I do not expect that either. It has only been three weeks riding like this now. But what was never accomplished, although trying for years and years of training with well-known trainers, turned out not to be a very hard job at all. They were just in need of the right saddle. So this is what happens with an older horse. Mister is 20 years old.

— Aimée Albers - Holland

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