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Saddle Stitch News - 05/03/2019

May 3rd, 2019

Saddle Stitch: Your Monthly Internal Schleese News & Updates


The Biomechanics of Western Saddle Fit Video Series Launch

Schleese Adds Another Educational Video to the Mix! Now learn about Western Saddle Fit! Schleese’s “Beyond the 9 Points of Saddle
The Biomechanics of Western Saddle Fit is a two-part series encompassing the human and equine dynamic and is available for download here:” is an EQUUS Film Festival Award Winning Educational Video discussing saddle fit for English Riders. Now with this new video, saddle fit education has been expanded to assist Western riders as well determine how well their saddles are fitting themselves and their horses.
Read the full press release on our website to learn more about the video series!
SFT Spotlight
In May 2016, Karen pursued her interest in Saddle fitting and worked towards becoming a Certified Saddle Ergonomist. Achieving her certification in January 2017 she began her career with Schleese. Karen now committed to teaching others the importance of a properly fitted saddle and checking the fit regularly as the horse grows and changes.

 “I think Schleese fitters are foremost the most thorough of any other fitter. We take more time to put all the pieces together; measurements, overall health questions, dynamic fittings, as well as working with other equine professionals as a team for the horse, because we fit according to human and horse anatomy and biomechanics.” – Karen Jackson

Learn more about Karen on our website. Link posted below.
Featured Schleese Ambassadors

This month’s Ambassador spotlight is on Trish Tweddell. She is the owner and trainer at Eckwood Equine and is a co-founder, co-owner and learning facilitator at the Accord Equestrian Academy.

“My Schleese saddles have been the best investments that I have made for my training horses and competition horses.”
-Trish Tweddell 

Read more about Trish Tweddell below.


Rider Testimonial: 
Check out this amazing video by our client Christy Scotch (Christy Scotch Dressage) demonstrating the incredible difference she experienced before and after her new Schleese saddle.
“I have been talking about Schleese for a few weeks now, but this is proof positive that Schleese saddles are different and produce different results. Don’t take my word for it. Take a look for yourself if you want to see how Schleese can free up you and your horse to reach your higher potential.” – Christy Scotch, Birmingham, AL
View the full video on Youtube:
Where is Jochen?
April saw Jochen speak at several very successful trade shows – Midwest Horse Fair in Madison Wisconsin and the Mane Event in Red Deer Alberta, plus Equine Affaire in Ohio for other Schleese staff. May will have Jochen flying to Sweden mid-month for a five day intensive course just outside of Stockholm plus an evening presentation to a veterinary association before heading back into Germany for a European Saddlefit 4 Life meeting. Once again he and Sabine will be spending their anniversary (#34!) on May 17th unfortunately separated by the Atlantic Ocean!
However, stay tuned for some exciting news for Saddlefit 4 Life  in next month’s saddle stitch!
May Birthdays 
This month we are wishing Miriam (12th) and Korina (20th) a very happy birthday!
Quote of the Month


Closing Stitches

Kentucky Land Rover 3 Day Event
Check out these great photos captured at the Kentucky Land Rover 3 Day Event featuring Linda talking to some new clients!
Midwest Horse Fair – Wisconsin
Check out these great photos captured during the Midwest Horse Fair in Wisconsin earlier last month.
Odia and Lori pose for a photo with the winner of our raffle for the day- this lucky lady has won a free saddle fit evaluation!
Lori was educating clients about shoulder angle and shoulder width.
Jochen drawing in a huge crowd at the Schleese booth at the Midwest Horse Fair!
Mane Event – Red Deer, Alberta
Check out this great photo of our booth at the event held April 26-28th in Red Deer, Alberta!

Saddle Fitters On the Road!

Lindsey and Nexie in their ProLight saddle! Photo courtesy of Karen Jackson, SFT.
Great day at Cobblestone! Thanks for all the help from Sandy Hider! Photo courtesy of Karen Jackson, SFT.
Check out Chris and his new friend Bizzy checking the progress of his saddle adjustment
Finally, this photo captures the moment Salty and Chris officially became friends!
A lovely photo from Joanne Bonnell in Missouri- Urraca and her Prolight! Special thanks to Karen Jackson for sending in the photo!
Chris Moloughney, CSE, trying to out-pose his new friend, Jake! Photo courtesy of Connie Frantzke, CEE.


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I was able to attend the seminar given by Jochen and Connie at Pacific Crest Equine in Exeter CA and I can't tell you how pleased I was. I learned a great amount and was able to take advantage of the thermography the next day. My Schleese custom saddle got fitted perfectly by Matt and Deb and I got to watch the fitting process on other horses as well. It was a wonderful two day experience and I am hoping it can be repeated in the spring with Western saddles added to the saddle line. It seems there was a lot of interest from the working cow horse world. Thanks again for coming to our area!

— Jan Exeter - CA

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