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Sheep skin girth cover

Girth Cover – Sheep Skin (fits 8″ BSE Contour Girths only)


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Soft Sheep Skin Girth Covers are made specifically for the Schleese 8″ Wide BSE Contour Girths.  Sheep skin covers the entire length of the girth including buckles. Select sizes only while quantities last.

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Black only


Made for 8″ BSE Contour Girths only


8″ X 24″, 8″ X 26″, 8″ X 28″, 8″ X 30″, 8″ X 32″


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Dear Jochen, July 4th marked the end of the trial period for Anne Lynn's new saddle, & I feel compelled to tell you that it was well worth the 4 month wait!! I've always been aware that proper saddle fit is extremely important, but my sensitive little mare seemed like an exception. As you know, I had her back x-rayed, & to my relief, her back is fine! I even put her on Regu-Mate, thinking the temperamental problems may have been due to hormone pain! You proved to me that the minor saddle fitting issues I was having with her, were enough to cause her some major discomfort, & thus make her virtually unridable! From the first day u fitted her with her new saddle to the present, she has been a new horse! Each day brings marked improvement, & more importantly, she's being compliant & happily doing as she's asked! I'm also happy to report that my vet, trainer, & masseuse have all noticed a physical change in her for the better! She's developing new muscle through her neck, back, & hind quarter, & NO SORENESS as before! Yesterday, July 18th, marked her 6th birthday, & what a happy & hopeful one it was! There's a long road ahead of us, but I can now say that there's a bright future for us to grow together as trusting dressage partners. Thank you so much for all you've done, & for sharing your years of knowledge & research! You've certainly made me a believer in you & your product!

— Liz Meigs - Wellington, FL

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