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Course C: Independent Schleese Fitter – Nov. 26-27, 2018


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Become an Authorized Independent Schleese Fitter. Join our team of highly qualified and sought after fitters after this intensive 2-day training course.

Date: November 26-27, 2018

Cost : $600.00 USD

Venue: Equine Behaviour Center, Clonbinane, Victoria, Australia

Course Description:

Become an Authorized Independent Schleese Fitter. Join our team of highly qualified and sought after fitters after this intense 2-day training course which focuses on tree adjustments and flocking and all adjustments for the English saddle line made by Schleese.

Topics include:

• The 9 Points of Saddle Fit
• Human and Equine Anatomy
• Biomechanics of Horse and Rider

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November 26-27, 2018


$600.00 USD


Equine Behaviour Center, Clonbinane, Victoria, Australia

Cancellation Policy:

To be announced shortly.


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OH MY GOSH!!! Somebody kick me. I just received my first Obrigado saddle for demo and rode my husband's horse. Several years ago, I trained on this horse myself for almost 2 years and finally gave up for something more comfortable, more fun, easier to ride, etc. I was TOTALLY AMAZED at the improvement in his movement and the lightness that I immediately felt in the OBRIGADO. It made me want to ride him more and that I have not wanted to do at all in years. Jochen, I am impressed! This saddle made a huge gigantic difference in this horse. He truly says Thank You!

— Terry Peiper - PA

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