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Course B: Independent Schleese Western Fitter – Nov. 24-25, 2018


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Product Description

Qualify to fit and sell the Schleese Western Saddle in this intensive 2-Day course. An optional CEE designation upon completion of the externship.

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Date: November 24-25, 2018

Cost : $800.00 USD

Venue: Equine Behaviour Center, Clonbinane, Victoria, Australia

Course Description:
Train with world-renowned Jochen Schleese to evaluate western saddles, while learning how to adjust the fit to both horse and rider. An optional CEE designation on completion of your externship.

Topics include:
• The 9 Points of Saddle Fit
• Human and Equine Anatomy
• Biomechanics of Horse and Rider

Additional Information


You must have previously completed and submitted the application form for the (ISWF) Independent Schleese Western Fitter at and have been subsequently accepted to take the ISWF course.


November 24-25, 2018


$800.00 USD


Equine Behaviour Center, Clonbinane, Victoria, Australia

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To be announced shortly.


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The saddle has arrived despite all the problems with Quarantine...what a relief! It is beautiful!!! I have now ridden in it for 10 days or so and perfectly at ease. On the pictures you can see I have a mammoth instead of a mare....I am waiting for a string mohair girth as the neoprene I am using pulls on those very long hair and she doesn't like it! The only small problem is that the saddle seems to shift to the right. There is some rubbed hair at the back on the right side. But... I am collapsed to the right especially at the walk. At the trot I am much straighter and so is the saddle. My mare has also a lower right hip compare to the left we are not helping each other...2 left handed souls. I got my daughter on the saddle and it was straight so the problem is mainly me. 'Melita' pushes me to the right and in doing the saddle slid to the right. Pushing the saddle left is a no no at the moment as more hair get caught... Her movements are much much better especially her walk! So if you could look at the pictures and see if we need to alter the fit in anyway that would be great. Thank you again for all the help with customs! Kind Regards

— Dominique Fletcher - Duffys Forest NSW, Australia

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