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Course B: Independent Schleese Western Fitter – Nov. 24-25, 2018


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Product Description

Qualify to fit and sell the Schleese Western Saddle in this intensive 2-Day course. An optional CEE designation upon completion of the externship.

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Date: November 24-25, 2018

Cost : $800.00 USD

Venue: Equine Behaviour Center, Clonbinane, Victoria, Australia

Course Description:
Train with world-renowned Jochen Schleese to evaluate western saddles, while learning how to adjust the fit to both horse and rider. An optional CEE designation on completion of your externship.

Topics include:
• The 9 Points of Saddle Fit
• Human and Equine Anatomy
• Biomechanics of Horse and Rider

Additional Information


You must have previously completed and submitted the application form for the (ISWF) Independent Schleese Western Fitter at and have been subsequently accepted to take the ISWF course.


November 24-25, 2018


$800.00 USD


Equine Behaviour Center, Clonbinane, Victoria, Australia

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To be announced shortly.


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Thank you so much for all you have done for women and for horses. I grew up on a cattle ranch, riding bareback, and western from a young age. When I became interested in dressage some years ago, I tried a saddle that someone I knew had for sale. After riding in it, my crotch was extremely sore and numb... I mentioned this to my friend, (an equine vet) whom I respected. She told me that if I wanted to ride dressage I would have to get used to it, and basically that if you are not raw and unable to walk after riding, you are not riding 'hard enough.' Wow. Thank goodness I did not buy the saddle. I was unable to find anything acceptable to me for my price, so for many years I rode in a 'Sensation' Treeless Dressage saddle. It felt like bareback, and at least I was not injuring my horses and myself. But it was difficult to find and maintain a correct position. About a year ago I first rode in a Schleese when my friend allowed me to ride her horse, and her new saddle she had just purchased. I instantly felt relaxed and supported everywhere. My legs were able to hang so nicely from the hip joints. Comfort, and absolute security! I was shocked that it felt MORE comfortable than my treeless saddle which is extremely close contact and nice to sit in. Also, I must mention that this horse, who I had ridden in the past and found him to be unpleasant, was NOT THE SAME HORSE! He was happy and able to go in a light contact in an engaged way. He no longer rushed, braced, inverted, and chewed the bit. These things were gone. So I of course bought my own Schleese not long afterward. I am very impressed with the saddle's excellent quality and perfect fit to my body. I am lucky it works for me, since I bought it used. I am very delighted with it. I recently had it reflocked by one of your staff and the customer service was perfect. I learned a lot and I am very happy with the results. Can't say enough good things about your company! Thank you for helping so many horses and women who ride in your saddles!

— Dana Nordin, Saskatchewan

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