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Schleese Brand Consignment Saddles

Schleese proudly announces its new Consignment Saddles section.  We are currently establishing our Try Out Policies & Procedures to ensure seamless transactions with our customers and will be announcing them very soon.  Until then, please take a glance at our current availability and if interested in any saddle, please contact your local Schleese Saddle Fitter or email or call head office at 800-225-2242.  Please note that these saddles are privately owned and are sold in the currency of the owner’s country as stated in the specifications chart.

On-site saddle evaluations can be arranged either through head office or directly with your local Schleese Saddle Fitter.  A $159 evaluation fee is applicable and if your saddle requires a tree adjustment and/or flocking additional charges will apply.

  • Consignment # 185986 – Wave – 18.0″

    $4,895.00 Contact Us
  • Consignment # 970357 – HK – 18″

    $4,595.00 Contact Us
  • Consignment # 287957 – Infinity II – 18″

    $3,800.00 Contact Us
  • Consignment # 901875 – Link – 17.5″

    $3,500.00 Contact Us
  • Consignment # 579505 – Wave – 17.0″

    $3,395.00 Contact Us
  • Consignment # 185990 – EAS Special – 18″

    $1,500.00 Contact Us

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"There are some great horse videos on YouTube, some educational, fun and some downright scary. Here's one of my favs...actually it's a channel by Schleese Saddlery Service. Schleese is a master saddler very much in demand in North America and Europe. This is an excellent channel that explains many facets of fitting English saddles to horse and rider. There's a great video about fitting saddles to women’s' conformation".  Schleese on YouTube! "2writenride" posting from Discussion Board 03/01/10

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