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Schleese Brand Consignment Saddles

Schleese proudly announces its new Consignment Saddles section.  We are currently establishing our Try Out Policies & Procedures to ensure seamless transactions with our customers and will be announcing them very soon.  Until then, please take a glance at our current availability and if interested in any saddle, please contact your local Schleese Saddle Fitter or email or call head office at 800-225-2242.  Please note that these saddles are privately owned and are sold in the currency of the owner’s country as stated in the specifications chart.

On-site saddle evaluations can be arranged either through head office or directly with your local Schleese Saddle Fitter.  A $159 evaluation fee is applicable and if your saddle requires a tree adjustment and/or flocking additional charges will apply.

  • Consignment # 185986 – Wave – 18.0″

    $4,895.00 Contact Us
  • Consignment # 970357 – HK – 18″

    $4,595.00 Contact Us
  • Consignment # 287957 – Infinity II – 18″

    $3,800.00 Contact Us
  • Consignment # 901875 – Link – 17.5″

    $3,500.00 Contact Us
  • Consignment # 579505 – Wave – 17.0″

    $3,395.00 Contact Us
  • Consignment # 185990 – EAS Special – 18″

    $1,500.00 Contact Us

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I am sorry for not having given you any news with my new saddle last week. I took the time to try it to make sure everything was okay. I am very pleased to say that everything is perfect now. I have no pain when I ride and I'm very comfortable with this new saddle. Other riders we noticed the difference when they see me ride. My position is much more upright and stable. I no longer need to dig my back to compensate to be right when I ride. I adjust my stirrup leather for good comfortable length for my legs. My legs are straight and stable too. Milady moves better now and I'll finally be able to start his training for our first show in early May. I will send you pictures. I Thank you very much for your help and support. You never let me fall. Despite the time for my new saddle, you kept in touch with me and I greatly appreciate. I would not hesitate in recommending the Schleese products to other riders. Thank you again for everything you and your team have done for me and Milady.

— Josée Grenier - Boucherville, Quebec

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