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Saddle Fitting Sessions - Nevada

March 15th, 2019 - March 17th, 2019 | Las Vegas, Nevada

Mar. 15 – 17 – Horse Feathers Farm (5770 W. Rosada Way, Las Vegas, NV 89130)

To attend a clinic at Horse Feathers Farm, please contact Carolyn Heaton at 702-279-9423 or


Other location arrangements can be made by contacting Deb Hirons.

To schedule an appointment for this trip with our Certified Saddle Fitter Matt Hirons and Client Success Manager Deb Hirons, please register online below. 
For further information or special requests, please contact Deb Hirons at or call 805-235-5041.

Registration and Payment Required.
Deadline to Register: Mar. 3, 2019



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I am writing to thank CDS (California Dressage Society) and Schleese Saddlery for the CDS 50th Anniversary Saddle Spectacular Raffle. I was thrilled to be the winner of the Schleese saddle which was fitted and delivered to me February 17 [2017].  Jochen spent several hours educating me on the importance of proper saddle fit.  He began by watching me ride in my old saddle then taking the saddle off, he used colored chalk on my horse to explain how a saddle is fit according to the horse's anatomy. Then he sat me on a saw horse to check my position and how my leg hung naturally. I was measured for saddle size then I rode in a demo saddle which required only a minor adjustment. The change in my horse's gait was amazing with more shoulder freedom and more 'step under himself' with ease.  My position changed into a more upright position and my leg hung naturally without any effort from me in placement.  I loved the demo saddle and took it with me the same day. The experience with Jochen and his team was very educational and a complete pleasure. I look forward to our next saddle fitting session and I continue to be thrilled with my new Obrigado saddle! Best regards,

— Leslie Anderson - Walnut Creek, CA

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