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“The very first thing I was drawn to by Schleese was their meticulous saddle fitting program. 10 or so years ago my mother was recommended to try Schleese for a horse whose back was tricky to fit. When the Schleese team showed up to the barn, witnessing the science behind saddle fitting and the lengths the team went to was unlike any saddle fitting I had ever seen. Now almost every horse in my program rides in a Schleese and I feel the same to this day. I have confidence knowing each time I ride my horses in a Schleese that the saddle is fit to their particular needs and that it can be adjusted to fit their ever-changing bodies as they develop. While my top priority is knowing my horses are comfortable it is the icing on the cake that the saddles are so comfortable for riders too! I feel at home whenever I ride in my Obrigado. I am so grateful for the support of Schleese and could not be happier riding and representing them every day. Thank you. “


USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist Trainer and Rider

Schleese saddles have played a large part in my success with all my horses.  I enjoy working with this company and have purchased several saddles from them.  Natalie Sauner, a Schleese Rep and excellent saddle fitter, has played a large part in my decision to remain a loyal customer. She has been integral in keeping my horses fitted correctly and comfortably. I love these saddles and look forward to continuing my relationship with Schleese.


Windhaven Enterprises

“I have been riding in Schleese Saddles since 2007. My life changed from that day!
Schleese Saddles have transformed my training and coaching. The comfort, balance, and support these saddles give me, on the flat and over fences are wonderful!


Rise 'n' Shine Stables

“I was instantly impressed with the knowledge and experience offered from Jochen and the entire Schleese team and after seeing the difference in our horse’s body measurements and an increase of even muscling in a 6th month time, I knew I had made a great choice.

I am eternally grateful to Schleese for their endless work on creating saddles that help our horses be the best athletes and performers they can be.”


Rock-A-Bye Ranch

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