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Our regular monthly blog called the “Saddle Stitch” may include anecdotal experiences of working with clients all over North America at all levels and dealing with all sorts of saddle fit and behavioural issues resulting from poor saddle fit. Additional contributions may include: Ambassador Rider Highlights; certified saddle fitter profiles; rider testimonials; and educational courses that have recently been held.

Saddle Fit and the Equine Industry Symposium

June 12th, 2017

On Saturday November 19, 2016, I had the honour of being invited to participate in the inaugural Equine Industry Symposium held at Guelph University at OVC. This event was organized by the 2nd year students of the BBRM degree (Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management) in the Equine Sciences Faculty, which is where Jochen will be again guest lecturing the S4L curriculum thi...

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Saddles and Veganism

May 23rd, 2017

Veganism has become a hot topic in my household recently. Both of our daughters are full-blown vegans, having cut out everything animal based in their diets (including dairy and honey!) as well as in their clothing, accessories and cosmetics (no animal testing, no animal by-products). (In an aside – if you’re interested in procuring ethically produced vegan makeup and...

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Saddle Fit and Dr. Sue Dyson, MA, VetMB, PhD, DEO, FRCVS

May 10th, 2017

I have never had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Sue Dyson in person, however, I very much appreciate her professional insights as a veterinarian regarding the necessity of proper saddle fit. She was a guest speaker at a recent National Equine Forum in the UK and is the veterinary advisor to the Saddle Research Trust, which was founded a few years ago by Anne Bondi. She w...

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Working with Equine Professionals

April 26th, 2017

  I enjoy very much working at the various equestrian trade shows that are held across North America over the course of the year – including Mane Events, Equine Affaires, Western/Midwest/Northwest Horse Expos, and soon again Equitana. Being a featured clinician at these types of events is always gratifying, especially since it gives me the opportunity to connect ...

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Equine Asymmetry and Saddle Fit

April 11th, 2017

If you had a child with scoliosis, or one leg shorter than another – would you force them into wearing ‘normal’ shoes because you were under the misguided view that you could ‘force’ them to walk straight, to be even and to look balanced? I really don’t think that there are any parents out there who would do that; no – you would probably provide your child with the or...

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He literally cantered around that ring with pure joy, I never wanted to get off because of how good he felt and how happy he was! It was an immediate change, he was willing to step into his leads, he lifted his back and engaged his hind end in the trot, and was willing to yield his jaw and neck in the walk. I will definitely be a Schleese client for life!

— Phebe - New York, USA

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