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Our regular monthly blog called the “Saddle Stitch” may include anecdotal experiences of working with clients all over North America at all levels and dealing with all sorts of saddle fit and behavioural issues resulting from poor saddle fit. Additional contributions may include: Ambassador Rider Highlights; certified saddle fitter profiles; rider testimonials; and educational courses that have recently been held.

Fitting a Bridle Properly - Part II

August 22nd, 2017

It’s all in your head… or your horse’s head! Continuing on from last week with The Neck Scientists have determined that there needs to be at least ½” room between the incisors where the bit is laid (so that a carrot could fit), to allow the horse to comfortably chew while bridled. There are two acupuncture points located in the headpiece area, which influence neck fle...

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Changes in the Equestrian Industry

July 25th, 2017

My sister Angelika Schleese runs our European operations, which – although fairly young – is expanding rapidly. As part of our regular conversations and communications, we here in North America are of course kept abreast of what is going on over there, so that we can align our global strategies for expansion and continued growth. Recently she gave me an update on some...

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Saddle Fit and Cartilage Damage at the Scapula

July 11th, 2017

My own horse was a victim of scapular damage caused by a saddle with forward facing tree points. I didn’t realize that this was the problem until many years later, when I began building saddles myself in Canada and was working with equine professionals on a more consultative level. At the time I was competing, all I knew was that he developed this little ‘hitch’ in hi...

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Breeding to Save a Population

June 27th, 2017

I am taking the occasional online courses through the Equine Sciences Faculty at Guelph University in an attempt to continue my own personal education in the equestrian industry; this past winter I studied an Equine Genetics course. (I have to say it was pretty challenging, especially since it has been about 40+ years since I actually graduated from the College of Bio...

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As a recipient of the 30 Year Saddle Giveaway I have had my saddle for two months now and I have never felt more comfortable and balanced in a saddle! We have struggled for years finding a saddle to work with both my body and fit my horse Adhemar and keep him happy, and Schleese has made that possible. I have not had any pain or spasms in this saddle even going into the colder months, as it lets my legs sit where are comfortable and doesn’t force me into one position. This is the first saddle that has stayed in the middle for Adhemar and I as well, enabling him to balance underneath me and overall making a happier partner. A huge thank you to the team at Schleese, I can’t thank you enough!  

— Kim Scott, BC

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