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Saddle Stitch News - 08/04/2018

August 4th, 2018

Saddle Stitch: Your Monthly Internal Schleese News & Updates

SFT Spotlight

This month’s featured Saddle Fit Technician is Natalie Sauner!
With 10 years’ experience as a Certified Saddle Fit Technician, Natalie is passionate about improving the well-being of horse and rider by helping clients achieve optimal saddle fit solutions. Natalie competed in both dressage and hunter/jumper disciplines and joined Schleese in 2006. She trained with Certified Master Saddler and Saddle Ergonomist Jochen Schleese, and was certified after an 8th-month apprenticeship of theoretical and practical training based on Saddlefit 4 Life® principles.
In her career as a Certified Saddle Ergonomist, Natalie is dedicated to maintaining optimal fit and freedom of movement for the developing horse and providing gender correct saddle solutions for riders. She maintains the highest level of expertise through ongoing professional development and re-certification.
Natalie provides saddle fit demos and lectures at trade fairs, conferences and saddle fit sessions across North America. Read more about Natalie and our other saddle fitters on our website.

Featured Schleese Ambassador

This month’s featured Schleese Ambassador is Dr. Heather Boo!
She is a full time practising physician and also a USDF bronze, silver, and gold medalist and owner of Three Bays Farm in south Florida. She got her start in the Grand Prix on her Dutch warmblood Liberty Light.
“I believe in extremely well fitting equipment that does not cause any pain to the horse,” says Boo “and a saddle, such as this one, that allows me to sit exactly where I need to on his back and doesn’t prevent his shoulders from comfortably coming up. At this level every millimetre is important.” – Dr. Heather Boo

Read Heather’s full bio and testimonial on our website.

Rider Testimonial: 

“Chianti has been my partner for 9 years now. We have done a lot of learning together, but I am glad the searching for a saddle that *might* fit journey is over. After years of trying to accommodate his long shoulder and wanting a forward cut saddle, I bit the bullet and bought and Schleese Merci. We don’t show much, but having a saddle that fits him is the best investment. I know that when I want to go to that show or go on a hunt pace or just hack as long as I can, the saddle is supportive and comfortable for both of us. I never would have thought that a “female” saddle could actually make a difference. And I am so glad I was wrong.”
-Rachel Pauls – Kitchener, ON
Read the full testimonial on our website:

Where is Jochen?

The beginning of July found Jochen still in Russia enjoying the World Cup, after which he returned home via Germany, where he spent two days training the Saddle Ergonomists working there. The big work trip in July was with Chris Mologhney and newest trainee Nigel Potts working in ‘stinking hot’ (his words) Florida! It was a very successful trip despite the heat and logistical challenges, and Jochen gets to spend three weeks working at home and in the shop, until he leaves August 11 for a NY, VT, MA, CT, ME and NH dog-and-pony (and horse!) show with Chris again. (Chris has since moved out east and is now joining us from Halifax, Nova Scotia!) Jochen will be back home for the last week of August, enjoying a few days rest before things really start to ramp up again for the fall events and trips.

August Birthdays 

This month we are wishing Julia (12th), Alexa (14th) and Linda (31st) a very happy birthday!

Quote of the Month


Closing Stitches

Saddle Fitters: On The Road! 
Take a look at these great photos sent in by some of our saddle fitting teams on the road this month. If interested in sending in a photo for next month – email it to!
Below are photos of Chris and Jochen working hard side by side fitting saddles in Florida last month from July 20th- August 8th! Check out these great photos of them in action sent in by Jochen!
Next is the following image sent in by Connie. She captured it with the following: “When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade LOL! This dumpster is in view of our booth, so we fixed it up nice and pretty!” Thanks for the great photo, Connie!
Independent Schleese Western Fitter Course – Ontario, CA
Take a look at these great shots from the “Independent Schleese Western Fitter” course that was held in Ontario weekend of July 22nd -23rd. These great photos were taken and sent in by Odia.


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I want to thank Schleese Saddlery for the wonderful opportuinity to own a Schleese Saddle for my up and coming 4 yr. old named Bodhi. (Benicio x Carisma) He is moving amazing and is very willing in his training, I am sure his fitted saddle is making all the difference.  Until you have experienced riding in a fitted Schleese saddle you don’t know what you are missing.  Bodhi is so fluid and smooth is his movement, it’s like riding on a cloud. I am very grateful to the whole Schleese Team for making this dream come true. My goal is to make Elene Sergerie legacy come true and ride down the center line at the Olympics with this amazing horse that Kareen Heineking-Schutte bred.

— Roberta Byng-Morris

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