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Saddle Stitch News - 07/03/2018

July 3rd, 2018

Saddle Stitch: Your Monthly Internal Schleese News & Updates


Schleese as Finalist for Business Excellence Awards

Schleese is a finalist this year for a Bell Technology Innovation award through the Chamber of Commerce’s Business Excellence Awards – we have won a number of Chamber awards over the years (the most recent Jochen as Entrepreneur of the Year in 2014 and finalists in the Manufacturer of the Year awards in 2016), but this is truly an exciting recognition of the changes we are bringing to the table in the equestrian industry! Fingers crossed!

Featured Schleese Ambassador

This month’s featured Schleese Ambassador is Chad Basile!
Chad Basile is an award-winning rider, esteemed dressage trainer, and owner of Croft Hollow farm in Webster, New York where he breeds and raises world class horses.
“When you invest in a Schleese saddle, it is a lifelong partnership. Their saddle fitters travel to me and my clients and take the time to problem solve and get to know our horses in order to customize the best fitting saddle possible. They continue to provide me with on-going education on saddle fitting and answer all my questions with explanations that are easily understood.” – Chad Basile
 Read Chad’s full bio and testimonial on our website.

Rider Testimonial:

When I had qualified and entered Amistad for Rolex 2010 it was there I decided was a good place to start looking for a saddle sponsor with all the vendors available.  There were so many saddles to look at many representatives to speak to.  I had met Miriam Boutros at the Schleese Saddlery booth while I was sitting in every saddle they had.  She was professional, courteous and very friendly taking the utmost time to tell me all about their saddles how they are fitted so horse and rider can get optimal comfort out of their saddle. It was the detail of explanation plus sitting in them and liking the feel myself that I picked Schleese Saddles out of all the vendors I visited to ask for a sponsorship and with fingers crossed approximately 4 weeks later I got a call that they’d come and fit my horse for me.  I was excited to ride in a Schleese saddle! Schleese saddles are in my opinion by far the best saddles on the market for comfort, quality & looks for the rider and allowing any horse to perform to its highest ability because of the freedom of movement it provides and also the comfort of how/where it sits on any horse that is fortunate to be properly fitted with one! I have been riding in their saddles for almost 8 years now and as 2018 is just around the corner I would like to thank you, Jochen and Sabine, for your superior Saddles which I have had the honour to be sponsored with.  Julia Dixon you are amazing and talented saddle fitter our horses love you! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!”
-Michelle Mueller, Olympia, Port Perry, ON, Canada
Read the full testimonial on our website:

Where is Jochen?

For the first couple of days of July, Jochen will still be in Russia, enjoying the World Cup (even though Germany disgracefully didn’t even make it through the qualifiers!) From there he flies back to Germany for a couple of days of training with the Saddle Ergonomists there, before coming home just in time for his birthday on July 8!  He is home only for a couple of days before leaving for Florida with Chris M. again. This is a fairly short trip, coming back on the 19th and heading right down to Toronto for the weekend, where Sabine will be dancing in the Can Am Dance Sport competition.
The rest of July will be fairly quiet, with only a couple of day trips planned and more time spent in the production shop working on our new and exciting products!

July Birthdays 

This month we are wishing Jochen (8th), Gerardo (15th), Natalie (28th) and Conor (31st) a very happy birthday!

Quote of the Month


Closing Stitches

Jochen at the World Cup in Russia
Check out these photos of Jochen and some friends (Glenn, Aaron and Peter) at the World Cup in Russia! Proudly representing Germany!
Western States Horse Expo 2018 
Take a look at these great photos of Schleese at the Western States Horse Expo this year. The event took place in Sacramento, California this year. Jochen spoke 3 times during the event, and even live-streamed a full lecture on our Facebook page.


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I had a wall full of ribbons from countless horse shows and I still wasn’t happy. I wasn’t happy because my horses obviously were not. I spent thousands of hours riding with very talented trainers, but no matter how well I could ride, there was still a void. I wanted to be better. I wanted to be more than a rider. I wanted to be a horseman, that is, horsewoman. So, in my never-ending quest for self improvement, I embarked on a journey that would change not only my life, but the lives of the horses for whom I have such a deep passion. I began to study everything I could get my hands on about horse behavior. This led me down another path to a degree in equine nutrition. But wait, there’s more! I soaked up information about hoof care and the latest breakthroughs in equine pharmacology, anatomy, physiology, and holistic healing like a sponge. I moved away from any training techniques involving pain, fear, and intimidation. I solicited the advice of trainers well-versed in the Classical Method of Dressage- no easy task in the Cutting Horse Capital of the World! I aligned myself with only those persons with a similar philosophy. Along the way, I met an amazing number of horses who, for various reasons, were placed in a recliner and destined for a life spent staring at a fish tank in someone’s nursing home of a back pasture, or worse, the kill pen. These horses had failed at their current careers due to physical and /or behavioral issues. Over and over I was encountering riders whose trainers and vets had given up on the horses. Somehow, it didn’t seem right. If these horses were okay for some life in a pasture or to be passed off to some other unsuspecting rider, why couldn’t they be made whole again? Plenty of humans retire from one career to begin another, so why couldn’t a low level eventer become someone’s next First Level dressage partner? I figured they simply needed someone with the knowledge to help them succeed and that person was going to be me. But, I am human and flawed, so even I could fail a horse. Enter GG, an exceptionally challenging mare. Try as I might, I just couldn’t figure out how to make her happy. She was terrific to be around- as long as I stayed off her back. So, without further adieux, I delved into the world of saddle fit. I was pretty sure I had it all figured out and was making some pretty good progress with the mare, but I wasn’t quite there. My saddle wasn’t horrible, but it still wasn’t quite right- and it certainly wasn’t doing me any favors. So, in a last ditch effort to find a way to ride this mare successfully, I began my search for yet another saddle- one that would suit both of us. A chance outing one evening landed me in Saddle Heaven. I had stumbled upon what would become a savior for even more of the horses entrusted to my care: Schleese Saddles. Not only are these saddles made for women (Hooray!) but they are also fully adjustable for the horse. A certified fitter from the company -in Schleese terms, an Ergonomist- comes to my farm at least every six months to fit the horses both statically and dynamically. The Saddle Fit for Life philosophy aligned perfectly with my own.  So, thanks to a chance meeting with Jochen Schleese and his wife, Sabine, the final piece of my puzzle fell into place and now I can be even more successful giving horses the futures they deserve- far from the kill pens and forgotten back pastures. Utilizing nutrition, holistic healing, environment, proper saddle fit, and the Classical Method of Dressage, I have been able to successfully heal horses with not only physical trauma, but psychological trauma, as well. My name is Jennifer Fulton and my focus is the Whole Horse.

— Jennifer Fulton - Aledo, TX

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