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October 30th, 2012

New Release DVD by Jochen Schleese!  “Beyond the 9 points of Saddle Fitting” deals with the complexities of saddle fit, revealing potentially serious effects of ill-fitting saddles to horse and rider! Undiagnosed lameness, atrophy, ‘bad’ behavior, resistance, gait abnormalities, 4-beat canter, poor work attitude, sore/sensitive back, lacking engagement, stress lines and atrophy, repeated hock and stifle injections – all common equine issues Schleese witnesses every day.

Schleese’s training as a former 3 day event rider provides the basis for his epiphany. Jochen emotionally reveals how Saddlefit 4 LifeÒ came to be – the result of his personal experience with lameness in his competitive horse.  “Riders will relate on so many levels. I hope to change your mindset. You’ll cry at what you learn about issues you may have experienced with your horse.”

Jochen helps riders understand their challenges may be caused by poor saddle fit – back and hip pain, pelvic discomfort, struggling to maintain correct position, feeling  ‘pulled apart’, fighting the saddle, feeling out of balance –  issues that frustrated riders unknowingly communicate to their horse!

Certified Master Saddler and Equine Ergonomist, Jochen and his Saddlefit 4 LifeÒ global network of equine professionals share the commitment to protect horse and rider from long term damage caused by ill-fitting saddles. Now teaching and certifying professionals in the revolutionary Saddlefit 4 LifeÒ 80 point diagnostic saddle fit evaluation, Saddlefit4life is taught at equine institutions and universities including the German National Riding School, the School of Osteopathic Medicine, and the FN in Germany.  Jochen recently joined the board at the Equine Sciences Academy and his involvement as a founder of HIPPOH Foundation (Horse Industry Professionals Protecting Our Horses) underlines his heartfelt passion to improve the lives of horses and riders worldwide.

Riders want to do what’s best for their horses. It all starts with you. Will you protect your horse from lameness and damage caused by poor saddle fit? 

Great gift idea!  $24.95 (+ taxes, S&H)     800-225-2242 ex 32

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If anyone deserves a Schleese saddle it's the horse. And I mean every horse. The dressage champion as much as the trail king and everything in between. I learned that last year and I will tell you how. My friends daughter has a very sensitive Thoroughbred that she events with. George is handsome, a great jumper and... and absolute horror to tack up. He was twisting under every saddle like an eel. Gnashing his horrible teeth and- you get the picture. I recommended to look for a new saddle and that Schleese might help. The fitting was a nightmare! George was fussing and fighting. Turns out that he has a very short back. So short in fact, that none of the demo saddles even worked. My friend decided to order a new Schleese. It was like a miracle! After using it for a short time, George started to relax while tacking up. No more snapping and eye rolling. The muscle spasms in his back stopped, and he started to enjoy petting and scratches. He is not perfect, and probably never will be after years of ill fitting saddles, but he is better. Why would I deserve a Schleese? My horse Radar would love it. I have a dressage Schleese that my guy loves. Now I think, he would really deserve a jumping one, to continue being a happy horse. George was our example of how this saddle works and why we believe in the brand. Thanks

— Kathi Menner - Elmira, NY

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